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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another day, another can of worms

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The world of Malaysian politics continues with its dizzying spin...

Yet another can of worms opened as Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, former owner of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), spills the beans about the secret deal between his company Naluri and the Malaysian Government, implicating a couple of Tuns - Dr. M and Daim Zainuddin (as reported by The Sun today). Tajuddin is filing a counter-suit of RM 13.46 billion against Danaharta (which had sued him for RM 589 million).

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Sun ePaper (July 6) - click on image
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myAsylum's friend from across the miles Howsy has translated this saga into Benglish (Ah Beng English) - go read it for some comic relief.

But for some serious-ish commentary, go to Jeff Ooi's Screenshots, as usual, but better yet, check out Uncle Lim's blog and his commentary.

Is the timing of this revelation pure coincidence, or is this yet another twist in the Dr. M vs. AAB saga? Is this more ammunition being dredged up from the 'ol Official Secrets cabinet to use in the ongoing mudslinging marathon? Walski has his own opinion, but you make your own conclusion.

This latest spin doesn't help Walski's disorientation from watching the Portugal vs. France game this morning one bit.... another dizzying day, another stinky can of worms.