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Monday, June 05, 2006

World Cup 2006 Countdown... poll results

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Image hosting by PhotobucketThe FIFA World Cup Deutschland 2006 poll, which has been running since May 3rd, will be closed on Friday, June 9 at 0600 hrs GMT (2pm in Malaysia). With less than 5 days to go, the straw poll has suggested that Brazil will once again carry the trophy home, their sixth time (if they manage to).

Results for the poll, to date:
Argentina - 3rd place, with 17%
Brazil - 1st place, with 56%
England - Last place, with a sorry 0%
Germany - 2nd place with 22%
Italy - 4th place, with 6%

Despite England's success in the friendlies run-up to the finals, no one seems to think that they can be seriously thought of as a real contender! Must be the Wayne Rooney factor... but the rest of the team looks rarin' to go, though.

The poll is located on the sidebar of this blog, so go ahead and cast your vote... 4 more days (give or take a few hours) to go. Unfortunately, the poll can only accommodate 5 choices, so if you think there's another team deserving mention, leave a comment, and it'll be taken into consideration during the final tally.

C'mon... whaddaya have to lose?