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Friday, June 16, 2006

FIFA World Cup Deutschland 2006: Predictions for the Next Round

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Image hosting by PhotobucketBy now, all groups have had their first game, while for Groups A and B we already know who'll advance to the next stage. So, which teams does Walski expect to move ahead? Here's a prediction:

Disclaimer: If you value your money do not waste it by betting based on these predictions. In fact, instead of gambling it all away, Walski could use some! Or better yet, give it to your favourite charity...

Group A
Well, we know that Germany and Ecuador have already made it through by virtue of their two wins apiece. However, Walski predicts that Germany will top Group A (national pride and all that associated warm fuzziness ). They'll win over Ecuador by the slimest of margins, a one-goal differential of some sort.

Group B
Rooney has shown that his presence alone can spur England on, based on last night's game against Trinidad & Tobago. In terms of rankings, England should be able to perform well against Sweden, and top Group B. The other team already in is of course Sweden, unless Trinidad & Tobago manage to beat Paraguay by a 3-goal margin or better, and England beat Sweden. Walski's prediction? England to top Group B, and Sweden being the other to go thru.

Group C
The prediction here is that Argentina will top the group (Serbia & Montenegro shouldn't be a big problem to beat). Walski predicts that The Netherlands may just squeak past the Ivory Coast by a single-goal margin, or even draw, landing the Dutch in second place.

Group D
This one's a little tough to call, but Walski thinks that Mexico will top Portugal by virtue of goal difference.

Group E
Czech Republic really impressed Walski in their first game, and they should go at least into the Semi-Finals. While Italy will likely be second in the group, they will find Czech Republic a formidabe foe when the two meet, and the prediction is that Czech Republic will prevail.

Group F
Brazil should not have a problem topping Group F, despite their sputtering first game - maybe a lacklustre game to lull their opponents? Who knows? Australia is predicted to be the other team, finishing second in this group. The Samba Boys, even on a bad day, will be a tough team to beat.

Group G
This group will be interesting to call. Walski will go on a limb, and predict that South Korea will top the group, with Switzerland coming in second. France will once again not make it through the group stages - they've got great individual talent, but somehow don't gel at all as a team. Poor Zidane's final appearance in the international football scene will be a disappointing one - retirement sans glory.

Group H
Finally, Spain will top Group H. As for the other team? Well, watching the Saudi Arabia vs Tunisia game was pure agony - more a shove-match than football. Between the two, however, Walski feels that Tunisia has just a tad more finesse, and should be able to come in second.

So, come next week, all will be known for certain. Let's see if Walski's predictions come true or not.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend (and don't forget to sleep at some point!!)...