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Friday, June 09, 2006

FIFA World Cup Deutschland 2006: Pre-Final Poll Prediction

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Image hosting by PhotobucketThe myAsylum FIFA World Cup Deutschland 2006 straw poll is now officially closed, sports fans.

And with the final tally of who you think will win this time around counted, the straw poll winner is none other than:


Yes, boys and girls, the general opinion seems to be that Brazil will once again carry the trophy home, their sixth time (if they manage to).

Final Results for the poll, are in order of votes received:
Brazil - 1st place, with 53%
Germany - 2nd place with 21%
Argentina - 3rd place, with 16%
Italy - 4th place, with 10%
England - Last place, with a sorry 0%

Sven-Goran Eriksson, however, called up and gave Walski a PROPER earful saying how unfair this poll was, yada, yada, yada... He's optimistic that this time around, England actually has a snowball's chance in hell to go all the way.

Yeah... Walski's thoughts exactly.

As much as Walski loves to watch English football, it will be indeed a big, big surprise if they do win. And Walski hereby commits his word to buy whomever voted in the poll for England, if they do win, a full 10-course dinner at the most expensive restaurant in KL. Since no one voted, well....

So, sports fans, with the poll out of the way, here's to a sleepless four weeks, beginning at 11:45pm tonight...