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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

De-Kongsi-fication of Malaysian Celebrations

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Semi-literary note: the word kongsi is a Malay word meaning to share.

Image hosting by PhotobucketNot 24 hours after being added to the ranks of the Mutant Mullahs, FatwaMan, as chairman and spokes-mullah of the Ulama Conference 2006 again made the press. If the Mutant Mullahs have their way, soon inter-cultural and inter-fath co-mingling, and especially the age-old custom of Open Houses for the various celebrations we have here in Malaysia, may be something our kids will only read about in their history books, under the chapter "Once Upon a time in a more tolerant Malaysia". The following newsreport comes from The Star, which has been posted here in its entirety (emphasis and colorization by myAsylum).

Ulamas want kongsi raya celebrations reviewed

IPOH: Ulamas attending a conference here want several practices such as the “kongsi raya” celebrations and open houses reviewed to ensure that they do not contradict Islamic laws.

Ulama Conference 2006 working committee chairman Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria said this was necessary because the National Fatwa Committee had decided that celebrating the festivals of other religions could erode the faith of Muslims and could lead to blasphemy.

“This matter (the Fatwa Committee’s decision), however, is still in the written form and has yet to be forwarded to the Government for action,” he said at the close of the conference yesterday.

The conference also came up with 22 other resolutions, which would be presented to the Sultan of Perak, state government, Federal Government and the Council of Rulers.

Harussani, who is also the Perak Mufti, said the resolutions passed included asking all state Fatwa Councils to set up their respective action committee specifically to respond to views put forward by practitioners of liberalism and pluralism, which attack the faith of Muslims.

The Government was also urged to set up a monitoring body made up of academicians and ulamas to stop the spread of liberal Islamic thinking, especially through the Internet.

“I’m also made to understand that followers of liberal Islamic thinking are waiting for this resolution so that they can draw up a new strategy to counter it,” said Harussani.

The conference also proposed that a dialogue be held involving various groups, including followers of liberal Islamic thinking and other religions, to correct misconceptions about Islam and to understand the views of the other faiths.

One would think that such a proclamation would be met with protests and dismay by all Malaysians, right? After all, aren't we Malaysians all for intercultural harmony? Yes? Yes? Why the Elegant Silence all of a sudden?

Well, there are actually those who think that this is a grand idea, surprise, surprise. The following is quoted from Islam Bukan Liberal, a website for the, well, non-liberal type of Muslims:

We read, with the outmost joy and delight, the statement by the ulamas that want the sacrilegious “kongsi raya” celebrations reviewed to ensure that they do not contradict Islamic laws, as well as a mobilisation on their part to counter the growing Islam Liberal threat which is undermining the socio-religious Islamic framework in the country.

Click on the quote above if you really wanna read the rest. Walski guarantees that it ain't pretty.

It woud actually have been funny if the quote above were made up by yours truly. But it's not. What the fuck is happening to this country? The rest of the Islam Bukan Liberal post above also reeks of chauvinistic - make that fascist - sentiments, which is a dead giveaway as to which group of Petulant Acrimonious Slimeballs they probably belong to. (more in the full post)

And, of course, it comes as no surprise either that Walski's favorite cross-dresser Mullah, UltraMENJ, welcomes the statement as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if these blockheads (referring to the Mutant Mullahs) concentrated on more pressing issues, like urging the Muslims (whose majority are Malay) to cut down on their sugar intake?

Gender equality would be good too, but proabably too liberal for their puny little minds to comprehend.

So, what next? Ban all other religious and cultural celebrations should they coincide with Hari Raya? Set up a Mutant Mullah brigade to ensure that no cross-cultural or cross-religious contact is made?

Don't these morons realize that we live in a plural society, and that pluralism is a path towards harmony? Or is harmony also dangerous?

Yeah, that's it. Ban the concept of harmony. Sure, it'll put a number of boy bands out of business, and all the music we get to hear will only be in one voice. But at least it preserves the Mutant Mullahs' closed-world view of Islam, right?

Or, scarrier yet, will this be the new flag that we MalayiansMelayunistanis may one day have to pledge allegience to?

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As for what was said at the Ulama Conference 2006, it's one small mindless baby step for the Mutant Mullahs, and one giant leap (backwards) for the rest of Malaysia.