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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666: Today is National Day of Slayer

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Yes, boys & girls, today is 6/6/06. Which translates to 666, which to some is the number of the beast. Which brings Walski to wonder, if your number plate bears the number 664, does that make you the neighbor of the beast?

Anyhow, today is National Slayer Day - a day for you to crank up your Slayer tunes, be it at work, at home, or at wherever.

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In conjuction with Slayer Day, 360 Deg Head Rotation will be doing a 2-some acoustic set this evening at the Backyard Pub in Sri Hartamas. We're not sure if they'll be playing any Slayer songs per se, but 360 DHR is always fun to go listen to. Plus, as an added bonus, anyone showing up with the number 666 etched on the top of their scalp gets a free drink (of their choice bevearage) from the band.

Satan incarnate - Image hosting by PhotobucketLooking at other entertainment news, the BBC reports that several demonic media releases will occur today, including the remake of The Omen. Reviews that Walski's seen indicates that the remake is nowhere near as good as the orignial 1976 film. They just don't seem to make good horror movies these days now, do they?

But the hype leading up to the release is, well, typical of Hollywood these days. Flash websites, downloads, FAQs - all for a movie that probably pales in comparison to the original. Walski will reserve his comments until after he's seen the film, if ever. Plus, being an R-rated film, it probably won't be released intact in Malaysia. So, looks like we'll have to wait for the DVD. (more in the full post)

Time magazine also gets into the 666 fray as well, with an article entitled "A Devil of a Day ", which includes a focus on someone from Hell. Okay, well Hell, Michigan.

Incidentally, Ann Coulter (well known American ultra conservative) has also chosen today to release her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism. Gimmicks, it seems, are everyones' favorite marketing tool.

And by the way, Slayer had intended to kick off their tour today. But the Unholy Alliance Tour had to be called off due to an emergency gallbladder surgery on vocalist/bassist Tom Ayara. When it comes to medical emergencies, even the Devil can't intervene...

Meanwhile, outside in Kuala Lumpur, it's raining really, really heavily. And what that means is that it really is going to be hell getting home later... in my neighbor-of-the-beast car.