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Friday, May 26, 2006

Offbeat Travelogue: Is Bangsar the retirement destination for aging Greys?

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Background Note: Extraterrestials who've made contact with humans have been classified into Greys, Reptilian, and Humanoid.

So, Walski is driving merrily somewhere in the Bangsar area, when this large traffic sign is spotted.

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Nothing unsual, right? Wrong!

Zoom in to the first row, and look at the third sign on from the left - or the rignt-most sign on that row, if you read right-to-left.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Bangsar, it seems has secretly been designated as the retirement destination for aging Greys! See how long the first figure's neck is? Now, that cannot possibly be human.

Alert the DBKL! Quick! Why was this important alien fact never reported in Parliament? Rather than persecuting and denying young, creative, Malaysian film makers, or eavesdropping on young lovers in parks (DBKL's favorite pasttime), the people should have been told about Bangsar being the relocation area for Grey retirees.

We should also be on the lookout for riderless bicycles wandering about Bangsar, but we'll leave that for another post, or when Walski has actually spotted one.

It all makes sense now! Now Walski knows why you see a lot of these signs in and around Bangsar (go see yourself if you doubt Walski's keen sense of observation): (in the full post)

Image hosting by Photobucket Caution: Flying Saucers

Putting two and two together (and getting 3.99999998), this is undeniable proof that Bangsar is the alien retirement area for aging Extraterrestials. Greys, to be more specific.

Either that, or the Bangar area old folks eventually evolve into giraffes...