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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Obligatory Occassional Football Post

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Yes, Walski loves the Beautiful Game. So, here are two football related posts rolled into one.

First, an update on the FIFA World Cup 2006 Deutchland poll that was launched on May 3rd. So far, only 9 persons have voted, and the results, resoundingly say that Brazil will take the championship home, again. 89% of you voted for the Samba boys, while the remaining 11% say it will be hosts Germany. Disagree? Well, take the poll, then (you can find it on the sidebar). Unfortunately, the poll only allows 5 choices, so we had to pick myAsylum's top 5 contenders. If your favorite-to-win is not listed, leave a comment, or drop Walski an e-mail.

Second, and you should've seen this coming: (in the full post)

Image taken from Liverpool FC WebsiteLiverpool have won the 2005/2006 English FA Cup.. YEAH!

It wasn't a pretty game, and penalty shoot-outs are always a lousy way to decide, but a win is a win, and this fan will take it any which way it comes. Reina may not be the best goalie in open play, but boy does this bloke have the penalty saving skills!

Okay, done with the obligatory footie post. Until June, at least. And we all know what's gonna happen then, don't we?