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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

myAsylum in semi-hiatus - until the #$@*!!* phone line gets installed

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Yes, folks, the dreaded house move has happened, and because of that, myAsylum may be a bit sluggish with the new posts. BECAUSE we now don't have a phone line yet, and as such no Streamyx® (Broadband) - as much as Streamyx® sucks from time to time, having sucky broadband is better than no connectivity at all. So this update comes courtesy of the office network (during lunch breaks and such). At least for the next month or so (sigh).

Initially I thought of documenting the move on my digital camera, but since there was A LOT of work to be done, this didn't happen. It was stressful enough without having to keep track of where the camera was, battery levels, etc.

And because packing it such a dreary job, we got a little creative in labelling some of the boxes prior to the move.

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Would it be nice if you really could store all your hang ups and social ties neatly in a cardboard box, eh?

Finally, we are 65% settled in, as evidenced by our first meal in the new house - Maggie® instant noodles with chicken floss (in the full post).

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The remaining 35% is still in boxes, or just not there yet - including Astro® and Streamyx®. Life without TV or Internet access is... BORING. Funny how you take these amenities for granted, until you are in a situation without 'em. To make matters worse, the sound system's still in the box - but fortunately my bathroom radio isn't, and that's about the only entertainment we have for now.

So, until myAsylum is back in full-broadband-stereo broadcast, don't touch that dial!!