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Monday, May 22, 2006

MENJ: To be taken with a large bucket of salt

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There is a blogger who is, to put it mildly, a little overzealous in expounding his views of his myopic view of life. Apparently, there is a campaign out there to silence him for his insensitivity and blatant hate-mongering, particularly towards others that don't see things his way. The list of what types MENJ finds offensive is lengthy, so we won't even bother.

His latest stunt has been to block any Malaysia-based IPs from entering his little piece of the bloggerhood turf, after one of his posts on his other site (which was a satirical piece of a world without Christianity, but purposefully made to offend Christians) really pissed off a number of Christian bloggers. In true MENJ style, he removed the offensive satirical piece, and instead posted a serious piece with the same gist.

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Or attempt to block/lock out all Malaysians. No prize for guessing where myAsylum got the above screenshot from. (more in the full post)

I, for one, find MENJ amusing. Call it having a God Complex, of sorts. Would probably be best friends with Akmal Abdullah, if the two knew each other. Or maybe not, since their individual belligerent points of view would probably find themselves at loggerheads.

Oh well... Walski's personal point of view is that while myAsylum in no way condones what MENJ has to say, particularly with regards to his fascist views and his supremacist flavor of Islamic prostelyzation, he has a right to voice his opinions, no matter how skewed they may be.

After all, isn't that what the bloggerhood is all about? Free speech? And with free speech, you sometimes have to take the occassional bad with the mostly good. Siccing the authorities on him sets a dangerous precedent.

Dessiderata, if you're reading this, take heed. Hurtful as he may be, taking him out will be an even worse course of action. And in no way "honorable". It will set a precedent that will hurt the bloggerhood in the long run (or even short run). The last thing we want happen is to have all Malaysian blogging activity be put under the microscope.

Rather than taking "an eye for an eye" approach, Walski prefers to "turn the other cheek" - either facial or butt, whichever is preferred. With personalities like MENJ, ignoring him is probably the best medicine.

Bigotry will be its own undoing...