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Monday, April 10, 2006

What caused Kitty's rampage...

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Kitty's mighty pissed off. Yup, Kitty somehow got itself an automatic and shot up the place real, real good. Eat lead, Rambo!

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Don't worry - we've put Kitty into rehab - should be back to normal in a week or so. Thanks to the kitty drugs that the kitty shrink will put Kitty on. But you have to wonder what got Kitty so, so riled up in the first place. Now, I've known Kitty for many years, and for the most part, it's a pretty easy-going lil' feline - apart from the rodent massacre every now and again - but putty-tats do that normally anyway.

No, Kitty's a big Star Wars fan. And initially, I thought that this video got on Kitty's nerves. (Click on the play button to start)

But Yoda never looked so good... So, it couldn't have been. Or was it this stop-motion gem that fried her little feline synapses (after watching it half a gazillion times)? (Click on the play button to start)

No, no. The psycho-pussy-malogist said it was neither. What really got to Kitty was this really, really bad - and I mean attrocious - music video (click on the full post). I have no clue how Kitty got its furry little mits on it, but poor old feline's in therapy because of it.

Warning: This video is really painful to watch. And it may take a while to load (especially if you're not well enough endowed, bandwidth-wise). The song is extremely cheesy, but the real howler is the backup dancers... ouch!! (Click on the play button to start)

But if you dare endure the pain of watching it - the payback is, well, worth it. Kitty did. It's the absolute worst music video I've had the displeasure to watch. Worse than RTM of the 70's (actually RTM is still pretty crappy today).

So there you have it. The video that got Kitty in Rambo mode. And if you liked what you saw, get more of 'em at the Funmansion site.

Well, gotta go check on how Kitty's doing...