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Sunday, April 23, 2006

So you need a Malaysian band name?

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Is the Malaysian music scene not "Malaysian" enough? Are the band names way too westernized? Will Rais Yatim wear a sarong for the rest of his political career?

Well, I don't know about the last question, but to help future musicians select appropriate and more Malaysian-sounding band names, the music editors at myAsylum has painstakingly put together a list of 60 band names! Not 10, not 37, but 60!! Most of these reflect current or past events that have colored the Malaysian landscape, and where there are specific incidences associated with the name(s), we've provided links for you to check out. They're ordered alphabetically, and in no particular order of favoritism.

2Lan 2Pie 2Late

Accidental Bonsai Sodomy
Aliens Pimp’d My Proton
Amp Punk Giants

B for Bigfoot
Bangsar Rat-pack
Bent on Bridging
Black Metal Turbanistas
Bubba & the Nyonyas

Cheechung Guy
Chibuywan Frewan
Chunky Finaman
CTcidal Tendencies

Daa rul Toyol
Desecrating Bastards of KL

Eat Keris!
Eye-Pee EmCee

Festive Traffic Jams

G Hard-Ons
Goatfuckers of the Apocalypso
God’s Favorite Dickheads

Haircut Heli
Haji No Motor
Hell in the Heavenly Portal

Kapchai Death Squad
Knee-jerk Rubber Stampers

Limpeh Bugger

Mallrat Generation
Matta Hari-Hari Mau
Methanol Gangbang
Missing Penchala Link
My Beautiful Sewage Pond
My Secret Dumpsite

Noodle Squat

Oil Barrel Headbutt

Poo in the key of Mark

Rogue Developers

Sarong Party Ministers
Satay Barbie
Skodeng Park
Smashing Hindu Love Gods
Stir-fried Vegetarians
Straight-A Automatons

The Ghazally Effect
Thieving Condo-dwellers
Tolled To Death
Twin Peak Oilgasm

Uncle Sam & the Hari Weevils

Water-Cannon Fodder

So there you have it. 60 Malaysianified band names. If ever you actually come across a real band with any of these names, you know where they appeared first!