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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Forty Two: Walski chalks up another one...

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Image from Wikipedia42 - the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything... at least according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Image hosting by PhotobucketToday, I cross another milestone in my life. I turn 42. Never gave it much thought before, though. And, as human experience would have it, I have not found the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything else worth thinking about. In fact, I now have more questions than I've ever had.

Incidentally, this year, my birthday falls surrounding many significant days, give or take a week. Prophet Muhammad's birthday last Monday, Vaisakhi a couple of days ago, and Easter on Sunday. Not to mention my favorite uncle's birthday, with whom I share this day with.

But guess whom else I share my birthday with? (see full post)

Image from BBC Leonardo da Vinci. Yup. That Leonardo da Vinci. And now, with the lawsuit settled once and for all, the movie will be released in about a month's time. The da Vinci Code is one of those movies not to be missed. Now, we wait and see if the Malaysian Censorship Board (a) passes the movie uncut, (b) pass the movie with some cuts, or (c) not allow its screening altogether. I just hope that this will not be a case of "Who Dis, Who Dat" where the answer is always (c).

Regardless of what the board decides to do, The da Vinci Code is a movie that I am looking forward to.

And what significance does all this have? Probably none. But maybe 42 will be a new beginning of sorts. Maybe Walski will resurrect the music he's left behind for close to a decade. Me & Mrs. Walski will be moving to our new house in a couple of weeks - so that's a new beginning in itself.

Who knows? It could be synchronicity, or just mere coincidence. As we grow older though, we start to become more introspective about life. I guess that's just a natural mental progression.

Living in Malaysia though, with all the goings on the political and social fronts at the moment, all I can say is that things will be interesting in the days to come. And maybe that explains the sometimes foreboding feeling I get of late. Or is it just indigestion?

In any case, to all you other April 15 folk - a very, very happy birthday. If the days since January 1st are any indication, 42 is gonna be one hell of a year...