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Monday, March 20, 2006

Brokeback on the floor laughing my ass off

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It's been about a couple of weeks since the 78th Academy Awards. I've pretty much come to terms that I won't be able to watch this movie in Malaysia (no thanks to the no-good, homo-hating, self-censoring film distributor).

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Not legally anyway. Which is great news for the Ah Long Film Distribution gang.

But nevermind the actual movie, as there exist a shitload of parodies on the web that are just as entertaining, if not funny as hell. So here, my fellow deprived Malaysians, is a collection of Brokeback parodies that are sure to entertain you on a dreary, dull, evening (which is like, almost every evening).

Easily over 100 different parodies float thru cyberspace, and the best repository of these has to be YouTube - just run this search on the site, and see for yourself. Since it would be an arduous (not to mention stupid) task to post all of them here, I've selected a few to feature for you to enjoy.

First on the list - a parody of the movie based on the characters of Spongebob Squarepants, entitled Spongebob Mountain.

Rewind about 40 years, and this next parody explores the Brokeback story line if it's protagonists had been Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson instead.

Huh? Who? Why, Batman and Robin, of course.

There are a few more noteworthy ones that will be mentioned here (in the full post).

Of course, popular films of recent times don't escape being the basis of the parodies that I've found. Among them, Star Wars (two in fact: The Brokeback Phantom Menace, and The Empire Brokeback) and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Brokeback of the Ring).

What would a genre of parodies be, however, without the masters of parody themselves, Matt Stone and Trey Parker - the creators of South Park, and the movie that the Brokeback parody is based on, Team America: World Police.

My personal favorite: another animated parody of Brokeback Mountain, done in Bun-O-Vision. Bunnies, and lotsa farm animals. A very quick 0:43 sec summary of Brokeback Mountain.

Finally, the parody that has won critical acclaim from the media, and an almost 5-star rating from YouTube viewers. ABC News voted it the Best Brokeback Mountain Parody. It's a short (0:53 sec) film entitled, Broke Mac Mountain. (myAsylum loooooves Macs... we really do!)

Well, there's a lot, lot more, actually - more than I really care to post. A whole host of other parodies (including those featuring Back to the Future, and Top Gun) can be found on the Internet. YouTube has about 150 or so - more can be found by Google-ing this search (only about 409,000 hits).

So, congratulations Brokeback Mountain - they say the most sincere form of flattery is imitation - in my book, parody comes a close second!