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Monday, February 06, 2006

Troubadours @ La Bodega - Gig Report

Went to the Troubadours' first event for 2006 tonight (as in Sunday, February 5), and managed to remember to bring my digi-cam to the event. It was a great and fun event, proof positive that the independent music scene is alive and well. Thanks to La Bodega KL. First time I've been there, and I must say, that it's a perfect venue for an intimate sort of music & open mic event.

The evening started a little later than the advertised 8pm (which, I'm told is a pretty usual thing..), but it was well worth the wait. The pix posted here were the best of the lot that I took, since I didn't remember to charge the battery and, well.... you know the score when the battery's on the verge of pokai-ing on ya.

Azmyl Yunor was the master of ceremonies for the evening, although, I was a little disappointed that he didn't himself perform.

Although the pix here are not in the order of appearance of the acts, the highlight of the evening had to be, without a shadow of a doubt, Panda Head Curry.

Rafil & Ben - Panda(monium) Head Curry

Rafil & Ben are also members of 360 Deg Head Rotation and Ben's Bitches, respectively

Billed to play music that would never be performed "the same twice", Panda did a bunch of originals, in the humorous vein, that really transcends any description here that would give them justice. Seriously, you had to be there. Handed out were "singalong" guides - in other words, lyrics. One day, I'm sure, these will be priceless on e-Bay (Rafil - dream on, buddy!). But seriously, with classics like "Rabies", "Ahab", and the multi-media experience (where you get a 'taste' of Panda Head Curry - everything tastes like chicken) of "Gator Farm" it was the last act on and one to make the evening truly memorable.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the whole gig list for the evening, but I'm sure the Troubadours site will update this evening's shananigans in due course. Check them out from time to time for future dates.

Also performing tonight were The Sofa Sessions, Ian Chow, Kevin and Alda from Broken Scar, Errol de Cruz, and a few others whose names I didn't manage to get

Errol de Cruz - the evening's down-home country blues incarnate!

I really wish I could remember this young lady's name - Lisa, I think. Her sweet voice reminded me of a raw, early-day Sarah McLachlan. She is, however, part of a support group for Child Sexual Abuse Victims, whose URL (again) I cannot recall. I will definitely repost her pix, with the website address, once I can get a hold of it.

Kevin & Alda - Broken Scar

myAsylum footnote:
It has been related to the owner of this blog that Walski of Sound, so inspired by tonight's show, may come out of retirement very soon. Maybe as early as April this year, God willing. Stay tuned!