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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Get the latest lies - at RM 3.50 a pop!

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Truth, it seems can be stranger than fiction. Half-truths, by logical extrapolation, would undoubtedly seem not as strange. The opposite is true, however, of the half-truths and sensationalist reporting of Mastika, the bastard bastion of Malay print journalism.

{w a s t e d t a l e n t} has posted scans of the Mastika articles that apparently have been used by many, (the police, religious authorities, and the general Malay populace), to vilify Malaysian Black Metal (and indirectly, the entire independent music scene), by associating it with devil worship, desecration of the Quran, and ritualistic sex.

Image hosting by Photobucket(image courtesy of {w a s t e d t a l e n t})

The "investigative" reporting revealed in a style that's shocking - apalling, if you were to ask me - how an unidentified group of youth allegedly carried out a satanic ritual somewhere in the vicinity of Sungai Petani, and the subsequent unrelenting quest by the decrepit intrepid investigative team to search for the evidence of such sacrilege.

Interesting reading - if you have nothing better to do. The fact that this is the Number 1 Selling magazine in Malaysia is in itself scary. It means that the is a large body of the population, Malays no doubt, that buy this publication - with an audited circulation of over 170,000 copies (as of 2004). It also claims a readership of over 700,000 (according to AC Nielsen).

Since no online version is available, Geekrawk has been so kind as to make an effort to scan these pages and post them on his site.

What I find really appalling is that this is the material used as "evidence" of the existence of the satanic cult menace, with Black Metal being one of the key tools used for recruitment. The sad part is that they feed on the gullibility of the Malay masses, who already exhibiting a great degree of paranoia when it comes to anything and everything that could be deemed un-Islamic.

Why does Mastika do this? If you read the tone of their writing style, the motivation, apparently, is for the sake of "protecting" the ummah (i.e. masses), by highlighting the insidious Black Metal menace, among other things. Most of the other articles revolve around things like God's retribution for wrongdoings, highlighting other negativities that are happening to society - these articles, whether or not based on fact, is questionable. But the overtly self-righteous tone certainly indicates the intention of educating the masses.

Read the metal-related articles Geekrawk has posted, and form your own opinion. And no, I don't suggest you buy a copy. Geekrawk has also indicated to me that he is in the process of translating these articles into English. myAsylum will provide an update when this is available.

Click on the links to view the articles from the October 2005 and November 2005 issues of Mastika.