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Friday, February 10, 2006

Bangkok or bust - Good international music Malaysia avoidance technique

Worthy music and music festivals somehow manage to avoid coming to Malaysia. They'll play in Bangkok, Singapore and even Jakarta (except when it gets too "hot"). KL gets given the skip-over.

Sure, we get the boy (or girl) band du jour every now and again - those commercially succesful one-hit wonders that you rarely hear from again after their hit record. The Chinese acts. though, do make it here, even the rock ones.

It really makes me wonder if Malaysia has gotten such a bad rep as being an uptight shit-hole difficult place to perform in, that acts either don't get the approval or don't bother to even consider (more below). There used to be a time when Singapore was considered an uptight country. I guess Malaysia has beaten them over that dubious honor.. at least when it comes to music.

Yeah, man, WE ARE No. 1 - Malaysia Boleh! Okay, maybe Brunei could actually be worse. But, more uptight than Singapore?

As a small consolation, Fort Minor will be appearing at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Indoor Arena on February 28. As you may remember, Linkin Park played KL in October 2003 - on the condition that they abide by a strict set of performance ethics. I guess Mike Shinoda knows the score, and knows how to play the Malaysian government approval game.

However, if you have about RM 600 to spare, make the trip to Bangkok, by all means... I hear Air Asia has a travel/accommodation package for Bankok that's pretty attractive. But not yours truly, unfortunately.

For those unfortunate enough not to be able to go (which is most of us), there's always the multitude of cover bands that litter the KL nightlife. Or, if you're one of those whose Mental Security is at risk, stay home and listen to some Ghazal & Keronchong instead.