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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Some sanity in an insane nation

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Why myAsylum you may ask...

Simple. This nation I love has become insane. Where the lovely woods are blinded out by the many blemished trees lurking about. I have much to say, but no space to express myself. It used to be a nation that thrived on diversity and respect for our differences.

No more, I'm afraid.

Instead, selfishness, ignorance and stupidity rule the day. It is a time when even holding hands is deemed "obscene", a time when chosing not to conform is a crime, an era when to not conform to certain (and only certain) points-of-view is deemed to be heresy.

In short, we live in a time of lunacy. A time of strife for the multitude of silent suffering souls in a land I once thought I could spend the rest of my life peacefully, ever after.

But I know I'm not a perfect human being. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King. Having some sight, I think, is better than being altogether blind. There is so much blindness in our insane nation today. Blindness leads to apathy, apathy to more blindness.

All this may not make sense right now, but don't fret - as the insanity unfolds, so will your mind expand and your intellect kick in.

In the meantime, enjoy the asylum - I know I do. The only way to survive is to recognize the folly and insanity of the other inmates. It's the only source of laughter remaining, seeing the inmates becoming more and more insane as each second ticks...