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Monday, September 13, 2010

HENN: New Pattern of Evil Conspiracy?

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Perkasa Rife with Disturbing Symbolism 
myAsylum has obtained exclusive and conclusive information that Perkasa may be more evil than meets the evil eye - reporting straight from Hell, and soon-to-be Hell-on-Earth, Malaysia. Another episode in the continuing series from the Hell-on-Earth News Network (HENN)

Hot on  the revelation that ketupat (plus other traditional food and snacks) contain Freemason/Illuminati symbolism, another shocking discovery announced today revealed possible links between race-rights group Perkasa, and the Illuminati and occult practices.

ROAR (Refuters of Obscurantism And Racism), an obscure investigative NGO, today informed HENN that they had done extensive research on Perkasa’s logo and have found irrefutable evidence that Illuminati and occult influences are present.

Ila Miharbi, spokesperson for ROAR, spoke with HENN earlier today, and revealed the evidence that the NGO had found.

“While we’re not sure if the symbolism is intentional, but the symbolism is definitely there”, Ila said. “Sometimes, the eyes are fooled by how the symbolism is orientated.” And as Ms. Miharbi detailed out ROAR’s findings it would appear that many have indeed been fooled. 
(tersirat, tersurat, tersarat, and more, in the full post)

ROAR earlier provided a very thick dossier providing the proof they claim, and is part of an expose book that the organization is planning to release later this decade.

Entitled “Danger of Hidden Symbols in Anything and Everything”, ROAR’s dossier dedicates an entire section on what they have discovered with the Perkasa logo.

“The beauty of how the symbolism is obscured is in the logo’s orientation (pictured on the left)”, Ila Miharbi told HENN.

“As you can see, nothing obviously wrong or sinister with the logo when it is viewed the right way up, right? Now try turning the logo 90 degrees clockwise, and we start seeing the symbolisms pop out almost immediately.

HENN correspondent Pat Turrut who conducted the telephone interview with Ili Miharbi, did exactly as what was suggested, and was utterly shocked at what he saw.

Almost immediately, the infamous All-Seeing Eye could be spotted in the logo (see ROAR graphic on the right).

“The most common way of concealing symbolism is through orientation. This has been done time and time again by any person or organization wishing to conceal symbolism in logos or pictures,” Ms Miharbi explained.

Ms. Miharbi added that another popular method of obscuring symbolism was to use a technique she calls “wordshapes”.

“This method involves writing words out in a particular shape, hence ‘wordshapes’. Symbolism of this sort usually only becomes obvious once pointed out,” Miharbi said.

“Observe how the words ‘Pribumi Perkasa Negara’ are shaped – from a symbolism point of view, it’s done for a reason.”

As illustrated in ROAR’s dossier, the race rights organization name in the logo forms a crescent.

“In occult symbology, the crescent is often associated with the pagan deity Baphomet. Research has also shown that there is a definite link between the occult and the Illuminati,” Miharbi added.

HENN also learned that it is typical for more than one occult symbol to appear in suspect pictures or imagery.

Ila Miharbi clarified that the Perkasa logo was no different.

“What we also discovered is the embedding of what’s popularly known as the “Number of the Beast – 666,” she said. “These are sometimes not very obvious as the formation of the number “6” is often stylized or obscured to not look like a normally written number “6”.

HENN asked Ila Miharbi what the implications of this discovery were.

“It’s not very clear what the implications are. But being that the logo was probably thought-out and deliberated, the implication is that the organization may be a bit evil. They may not realize that they’re evil, but definitely there is some evil action going on here, probably on the subconscious level.”

HENN then asked if this level of evil could be quantified based on the amount of imagery found.

“Again it’s difficult to say – but our guesstimation puts them in the evil range somewhere between fascism and Barney, with Barney being the more evil. The point, however, is not what level of insidious, but the fact that there is some amount of evil.”

Ila Miharbi also disclosed to HENN that ROAR was in the midst of developing a device called an Evil-O-Meter.

“The Evil-O-Meter is more an algorithm at this stage, as opposed to a physical device, like a wrench. We take various parameters into consideration, including the amount of evil symbolism, and evil behavior, then derive the E-quotient number for a given individual or organization.”

HENN was made to understand that ROAR plans to productize the Evil-O-Meter, once ready.

“We’re toying with several product names, but the favorite at this point seems to be the iEvil,” Ila Miharbi added.

At this point, the jury is still out whether or not Perkasa is evil or not. One thing is for sure: the dreaded Illuminati/Occult scourge has not spared the organization. HENN will be keeping a closed one eye on developments revealed by ROAR, and will report on any new implications discovered. 
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