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Sunday, August 22, 2010

May the road rise with you

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There’s a lot to be angry about these days. Not really because of the recent incidences of racism that seem to be on the increase. But because of those who actually think that this is a good thing. Yes, there are such people. They will know who they are should they ever read this.

And anger, as Walski has mentioned at least a couple of times before, is an energy.

We know that we have the ability to shine, but now it’s time to Rise...
(anger – an energy that can be positively channeled, in the full post)

And by Rise, Walski’s not just talking about rising to fight those who think that bigotry and racist sentiments are a good thing. That’s an obvious given.

We need to RISE above the obvious reaction of outrage, above and beyond the deep level of depravity that these motherfucktards would prefer us to join them at. Walski, for one, is not biting.

Simply because Walski knows that he is a much better person. And he’s sure that the majority of you out there are better people than the bigots who try to rile use. Yes, it is infuriating – tell Walski something that he already doesn’t know.

But to play with these bigots on their playing field only means that we have lowered ourselves to their level. In Walski’s eyes, they are merely pawns in a bigger game of hate politics. Whether or not they realize this is a good question. To Walski, this is secondary. If they don’t know, then they should open their eyes. If they do, then in Walski’s eyes, they are the worst of hypocrites.

And Walski is certain that you know you’re better than that.

So, Rise good people… and show these bigots that their way is only damaging to themselves. They may think that riding on their high-horse of racist and bigoted self-righteousness will get them somewhere. Walski thinks that they are dead wrong – it will only eventually make them drown in their self-loathing, and sink into their self-manufactured oblivion.

Getting angry and getting even with higher doses of venomous derision is the easy way out. But it will only cause us to descend to their level. That’s their end-game – to bring us to the brink of chaos.

Walski knows that he can shine above that. And he knows that you can, too.

So, good people, Rise…  

Walski’s musicologized inspiration source reference: Public Image Ltd (or PiL) is the musical outfit formed by John Lydon, better known to some of you as Johnny Rotten, of Sex Pistols fame. PiL was active between 1978 – 1992, which is the period during which Walski became aware of them. Word has it that they have risen from the ashes of their long hiatus. And if they can Rise…