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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HENN: STiG nominated for prestigious award

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Perkasa rep named as BUFFOON’s innaugural award nominee  
myAsylum provides another exclusive story on the nomination of Malaysia’s favorite tall hat rebel-rouser for an international award - reporting straight from Hell, and soon-to-be Hell-on-Earth, Malaysia. Another episode in the continuing series from the Hell-on-Earth News Network (HENN)

News has surfaced that prestigious international organization, the Bureau for the Ubiquitously Foolish, Flagrant, Obnoxious, and Odiously Nonsensical (BUFFOON) has nominated STiG – (aka Perkasa’s Songkok Tinggi Guy, aka Arman Azha Hj. Abu Hanifah) – for the prestigious Mirage Award.

Image taken from The Malaysian Insider, hosting by Photobucket According to BUFFOON Asia Pacific representative, Ms. Heeza Dumaaz, the Mirage Award was set up to recognize outstanding achievements in certain extraordinary, if obnoxious, skills.

“Over the last several months, BUFFOON has come to recognize STiG’s innate skills in extrapolation, and articulating imagined elements found in the writing of others”, Ms Dumaaz told HENN during a telephone interview earlier today.

“Take for example how irate STiG became by superbly imagining all kinds of insults in Helen Ang’s recent CPI Malaysia article – it’s amazing! How does he come up with this fantastical nonsense?”

The Mirage Awards, scheduled to be awarded sometime later this year, will see BUFFOON honor the first time winner with an imaginary trophy and cash prize, whose amount has yet to be thought up.
(more reasons why STiG was nominated, in the full post)

“There are a few other reasons why we have nominated STiG,” Ms. Dumaaz explained. “One of them is that the guy has no qualms whatsoever in denying others what he himself practices, namely freedom of expression.”

Ms. Dumaaz was, of course, referring to the incident in May this year when STiG led a delegation of Perkasa members to protest against former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

Ms. Dumaaz added, that while STiG freely expresses himself in whatever way he wishes, often provocatively, the same allowance is not accorded to others when views contrary to his own are expressed.

“This was also an important criteria in why BUFFOON nominated STiG,” she said. “Granted, this is very characteristic of the organization he belongs to, but STiG has consistently shown how attuned he is in practicing the highest of double standards”.

“The fact that the delegation, led by STiG himself, managed to burn an effigy using beer as an ignition agent, also caught our attention. This is another amazing feat responsible for STiG’s nomination,” Ms. Dumaaz added.

Lastly, there’s the element of fashion.

Ms. Heeza Dumaaz added that the larger than normal songkok (traditional Malay hat) strategically fits STiG’s larger than life personality.

“It’s difficult to find individuals who accessorize themselves according to their personality, but we feel that we’ve found such an individual in STiG,” Ms. Dumaaz said.

HENN attempted to reach the big-headed-hatted Perkasa youth chief, but STiG could not be contacted for comment. We have been informed that at the time, he was busy gloating on his Facebook page, and preparing to submit yet another needless police report, this time against journalist Helen Ang.

Will STiG manage to beat all the other imaginary nominees, and make Malaysia proud for having one of its citizens win the prestigious Mirage Award? Granted he’s a very annoying Malaysian citizen, but HENN believes that all and sundry should be proud when one of their own achieves something. Even something as nonsensical as the Mirage Award.

HENN will keep close tabs on how this story develops, and if Malaysia once again graces its name in the record books. 
(© 2010 - Hell-on-Earth News Network)

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