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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

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If you’ve been following this blog, it’s no secret that Perkasa, led by Pasir Mas MP Ibrahim Ali, isn’t one of Walski’s favorite organization. In fact, he doesn’t really think very much of Ibrahim Ali either. Apart from the fact that the man can talk well. And boy, does the man talk – not a day goes by, it seems, that the Frog King isn’t in the news for one reason or another.

Well, not to be outdone, and probably needing more publicity than he’s been getting, MCA Vice-President Donald Lim Siang Chai recently suggested that the Chinese, too, should have their own version of Perkasa.

Donald Lim, image hosting by Photobucket The 1Malaysia concept appears to be tearing apart with one BN component party leader suggesting a Chinese version of Perkasa to counter the right-wing Malay group's constant racial assaults.

MCA vice-president Donald Lim Siang Chai, who suggested the idea, also gave a strong hint that the proper body to take the role would be the vocal Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH).

(source: Malaysiakini, subscription required)

This is really a case of using a really bad idea to counter an already bad idea. Not surprisingly, just about everyone and their pet politician came out to lambast Donald Lim’s suggestion. Including Ibrahim Ali himself, who labeled the idea as “racist” – ironic, but all too true.

For Walski, there’s one, and only one phrase that can aptly describe this Ibrahim Ali / Donald Lim situation… 
(what Walski thinks about this, and more, in the full post)

You have absolutely not the slightest idea how difficult it was to get the two to pose together without getting into a fistfight...

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And that’s really about all that Walski cares to say about the sheer stupidity of what Donald Lim suggested. Dumber to counter Dumb

All he wanted to say that is, until Walski saw this news report.

Soon, every fringe demographic will start their own ‘Perkasa’. Actually, one already did (via Facebook): PERKAKASA! Menentang Mereka Yg Memberi Nama Bodoh Kpd Perabut & Perkakas (Against Those Who Give Stupid Names to Furniture & Appliances). Now THIS kind of Perkasa-esque group Walski will support any ‘ol time (and in fact he does).

By the way, when Walski saw the Muhyiddin article above, the word “Dumberer” did actually come to mind. It’s truly fortunate for Muhyiddin Yassin that there was only room on the parody album cover for two epic idiots… not to mention way too much trouble.