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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bi-Poll Position: Istana issue & Anwar Accusations

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Walski figured he’d better post the results of these two recent myAsylum polls concurrently, since one of them is pretty frivolous. As it turns out, based on the results, even the non-frivolous one ends up being quite frivolous – the one about highlighting the new Istana Negara labor issues as being insulting and seditious.

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None of you who participated in the poll thought it was. Despite having re-tweeted and reminded people to vote, more than once, the results remained pretty much at the same ratio, and no one selected the “Yes” option. Not a single person.

Not surprising, since it was only a handful really thick-headed politico-pawns that were really screaming their heads off about the issue being highlighted as seditious and/or insulting to the institution of royalty.

The issue, in fact, died down quite quickly, indicating that the public realized quickly that the real deal was that Ezam and Perkasa were politicizing a labor and migrant worker issue. And it was an attempt that fizzled out faster than an open can of carbonated soda. 
(the next accusation to be hurled at Anwar Ibrahim, and more, in the full post)

The other poll was admittedly one done for fun, and inspired by a recent news report of Anwar Ibrahim being accused of being a CIA pawn. Among those accusing him of being such, our Deputy Prime Minister, and Vice-President of UMNO, Muhyiddin Yasin. The “source” of this revelation: a blog post from Culture of Life News. The most ironic thing was that this accusation was echoed by none other than Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais “#yorais” Yatim, whose stance on obtaining information from online sources is so legendary, he’s earned his own Twitter hashtag (not in a complementary way, mind you).

Ironically, the global PR conglomerate APCO, currently hired by the Malaysian government, was also implicated as being part of the shady CIA network in the very same blog posting. This little embarrassment was, of course, not mentioned. But to those who actually took the trouble to read the Culture of Life News posting, the irony was one that was difficult to dismiss. More than irony, it was a case of selective reporting, and as a result, a less than credible attempt at tarnishing Anwar even further.

So, Walski being Walski, a poll was just screaming to be created – what would they accuse Anwar of being next?

Poll results image hosting by Photobucket

It appears that the final tally shows a tie between being an alien (the E.T. kind), and being the real evil behind Barney. There were 3 other suggestions as well:

  • Mahathir in disguise
  • Mahathir’s son
  • Rosmah Mansor in drag

Granted, this would have been more fun if lots more people participated, but hey… Walski’s fault for not blogging more often, and allowing this blog to fade into semi-obscurity. And it’s difficult when you have to go up against sensationalist idiots like Parpukari, whose postings are not only usually without substance, but without what most intelligent people consider style either.

So there – UMNO will one day probably come up with this fantastical story about how Anwar is actually the leader of an extraterrestrial invasion who’s behind everything that’s wrong with the world today. Think of it as sort of Klaatu, the Anti-Christ, and Barney all rolled into one neat spin of an evil character.

Walski has learned that one should never underestimate the depths of ridiculousness these pro-UMNO/BN cybertwerps will stoop…