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Monday, April 12, 2010

HENN: The PERKASA Mystery Clone

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Does Ibrahim Ali Have an Evil Twin? 
myAsylum provides an exclusive finding pertaining to a well-known personality - reporting straight from Hell, and soon-to-be Hell-on-Earth, Malaysia. Another episode in the continuing series from the Hell-on-Earth News Network (HENN)

Recent evidence obtained from Malaysian online news site The Malaysian Insider indicates that the well-known defender of race and status quo malaise, Ibrahim Ali, just might have an evil twin.

In their report appearing earlier today, The Malaysian Insider published the following image to accompany their story about Perkasa making another insistence, this time pertaining to the proposed Inter-Faith Panel.

Image sourced from The Malaysian Insider

To the untrained eye, no anomaly would likely be noticed in the picture above – except, perhaps, for Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, who seemed to be enjoying the keris-waving activity a tad too much. Or, was he thinking that it was all a big joke? But that’s another mystery for another day.

But myAsylum’s intrepid squad of Cybernetic Remote Autonomous Para-roaches (CRAP), via their hyper-trained image processing and imagineering pixel espionage division, found something more sinister.

Could it be true that Ibrahim Ali has a clone? Or worse, an Evil Twin?
(the pixelated evidence, expervert commentary,  and more, in the full post)

Consider the following evidence, which is a blown-up portion of the same image shown above.

The resemblance is truly uncanny – is this Ibrahim Ali’s secret evil twin? And who’s more evil – him or his evil twin? And if Ibrahim is more evil, what exactly does that make him?

Another, even scarier, possibility was suggested to HENN – could Perkasa have secretly perfected human cloning?

This possibility, however, was dismissed by political industry analyst Sayfool ‘not THAT fool’ Bookhurry.

“We think the more plausible explanation is that all PERKASA members aspire to be just like Ibrahim Ali, including looking like him, if possible. He is after all their idol and icon. Plus, he’s the only guy allowed to wield a lethal weapon at the assembly – who wouldn’t want that?”

And why would members of PERKASA want to emulate the physicality of Ibrahim Ali?

“Most members see him as an intelligent, well-rounded, activist who’s committed to the cause of championing the rights of his race”, added Sayfool. “And so, the ideal in the membership’s mind is to not only emulate Ibrahim Ali in his unrelenting fervor, but also in how he looks. They sincerely believe that it is only in this way that they, too, may one day be able to wave kerises around”.

HENN could not obtain independent confirmation of this claim, but did get general consensus about Ibrahim Ali being “well-rounded”.

“Looking alike is an effective way to ensure that they are consistent”, Sayfool added further.

In researching this story, HENN also attempted to contact PERKASA to confirm whether or not any of these theories held water. However, all our efforts came to naught, as no one was willing to deny, or confirm, any of the possibilities.

The closest we got was a “No Comment” from one of the lower under-bellied secretaries, in the form of “I, I, I, I don’t think so”.

As with all the other incredible stories we’ve reported previously, HENN will be on top of this startling discovery, and will keep the general public updated.
(© 2010 - Hell-on-Earth News Network)

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