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Friday, March 19, 2010

myAsylum on Facebook

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Yeah, yeah… Walski’s been real tardy with updating this blog. Not that a lot of things haven’t been happening. On the contrary, a tad too many things have been going on in the Malaysian socio-political scene. And being that time is a real scarcity in Walski’s life these days, hence the scarcity of posts.

And then there’s been Twitter, which provides a more instantaneous 140-character per pop message gratification fix.

In any case, since everybody and their pet uncle – or depending on who you are, their Uncle Pet – are on Facebook these days, Walski thought that he’d create a page for this blog.

myAsylum on Facebook, image hosting by Photobucket

Not that Walski has been diligent with blogging of late. But he’s trying very hard to remedy that. 

So, in anticipation of the possible barrage of posts that may be coming (we hope), Walski thought he’d go ahead and use the power of social media to get the word out.
(why the page, and more, in the full post)

Here’s the deal – these days, you’ll likely find Walski most often on Twitter. For the instantaneous nature of that microblogging channel, if for no other reason. It is really effortless, so to speak, and it doesn’t rely on Walski having to be with his PC and having Internet connection. He can also update via his mobile phone.

But when there’s an article of interest that Walski wants to highlight, Facebook is his usual go-to. It’s definitely more instantaneous than blogging about the article. Of course, you don’t get what Walski thinks about a particular issue, but at least you get to know about the article.

So, one minor benefit of you becoming a fan of myAsylum on Facebook is that you get to know what’s on Walski’s mind.

How do you get to the FB page? A couple of ways – one of which is to click on the screenshot above. The other way, once you’re in the Facebook environment, is to do a search for “myAsylum” – it’s the only one in the ‘Page’ category.

What of this blog then? Well, Walski would very much want to continue maintaining myAsylum for as long as he can, and as much as time permits. So, worry not – it’s not gonna go away anytime soon.

The posts may not be as frequent, but this blog is here to stay…

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