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Monday, January 25, 2010

Opinion Poll: Should PKR give Zulkifli Noordin his walking papers?

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Walski came across this poll, currently running at The People’s Parliament – “Should PKR sack Zulkifli Noordin?” – and decided that it’s important to let you folks know about it.

Then he thought – why stop there? And so, Walski decided to post the poll on this blog, too. You can find it at the sidebar, where all the surveys are usually placed.

Since Walski would like you make an informed decision when you cast your vote, it’s important to get to know Zul Noordin a little better, if you don’t already.

This getting-to-know-Zul lesson comes courtesy of a like-minded blogger with an ego bigger than his own good, Mahaguru58. Like-minded with Zul Noordin, that is…

The MG58 Interview (Part 1)

Still don't know Zul well enough? Wanna see/hear more of his "Islam-as-I-say-tion" paranoid “us against them” thoughts? Well, fret not, because there are 3 more parts to to this interview...
(more Zul than you could ever hope for, in the full post)

The only downside to this series of videos is that it’s conducted in Bahasa Malaysia. The other downside is that Walski doesn’t have the time to do an English transcript.

The MG58 Interview (Part 2)

The MG58 Interview (Part 3)

The MG58 Interview (Part 4)

Walski doesn’t know about you, but he thinks that 1hr 10min of Zul Noordin has been pretty much enough for him to make an informed decision.

To-date, as of the time of this posting, 3,893 persons have already cast their vote since the poll was released yesterday. And the result so far is not at all surprising, as far as Walski is concerned.

Well, what you waiting for? Vote already!

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