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Friday, December 25, 2009

Poll Position: A reality TV show called BTN

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It’s Christmas Day, and Walski’s got time on his hands – a bit more than he normally has. So, he thought that there’d be no better time than to go on an update-binge of myAsylum. To make up for lost time, and since he has time to kill.

Well, the BTN poll has concluded, and the results are in.

Results of the recent opinion poll, hostiing by Photobucket

It really looks like the pro-BTN & pro-BN/UMNO types didn’t bother to participate – just like many UMNO members aren’t even registered voters (tsk, tsk). Why? Because the fourth choice – “Let it be - it's doing the nation a great service” – was not even selected by a single person. Zero. Big fat nada. Zilch.

Either that, or it is true that NOBODY actually believes that the BTN – as is – is doing this country anything but disservice.
(result analysis, and more, in the full post)

The (simple) majority of 52% thought that the BTN should be shut down altogether. While the remainder 48% were split an equal 50/50 between a comprehensive revamp, and turning the damned thing into a reality TV show.

Walski has no clue whatsoever what a BTN reality show would resemble – maybe, based on some of the public sentiments about the department, a contest to see which BTN facilitator will emerge the Juara Rasis (Racist Champion)? A la American Idol, complete with viewer SMS voting, and with the participants themselves as judges. Not too shabby an idea, eh?

But kidding aside, Walski personally feels that the BTN – the National Civics Bureau – is still needed. Why? Simply because many Malaysian don’t have an ounce of civics consciousness in them whatsoever.

Special Handicap Reserve Parking Lots – who the fuck cares? Apart from Walski, not very many people. It’s more important that able-bodied Malaysians walk as little as possible, rather than even think of allowing those with physical disabilities to park. This totally screwed up personal priority system also accounts for double-parking, in many cases. It’s like Malaysians are totally allergic having to walk more than 10 steps… lazy fucks.

Holding the door for the person walking behind you? Naah – let the fucker fend for her/himself.

Saying “Thank You”, or wishing “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” to random strangers? Heck no – that’s reserved for foreigners, so that they can go home with the totally FALSE impression that Malaysians are courteous.

Traffic light junction? The main aim is to see how best one can cut the queue, and God forbid that one should have to line up like everyone else….

All of these are examples of why Walski thinks that the level of civic consciousness in Malaysia is decaying… so yeah, in that sense, the BTN is still needed. Not to develop a sense of blind allegiance to BN/UMNO or whomever the fuck the government of the day happens to be, but to teach Malaysians BASIC MANNERS.

But isn’t that the role of schools, you may ask? Once upon a time in Malaysia, yes, it used to be. Not anymore, though. Nope, these days it’s either Ugama or Moral Studies – and based on the general lack of civic consciousness Walski observes – neither of these cultivate good civics awareness.

Oh well… for the time being, though, the reality is that no one, save the PM, knows what will become of BTN. Many don’t see its relevance other than trying to brainwash young Malaysians. Others see it as a waste of time.

Walski thinks that it should be retained, but with its role totally overhauled, in addition to its curriculum. The question is, though, does ANYONE have the political balls to do anything with BTN?

Or, is it going to be another case of big hoo-haa sloganeering, and no action whatsoever?

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