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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Princesses Irrelevant of the Talibunnies

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Once again, the circus we fondly call the UMNO General Assembly is in town. In one of the rings, we have Puteri UMNO – the junior women’s wing of the party, created (at the same time as their equally irrelevant male counterparts, the Putera wing) so that the younger members can be tricked into feeling some sort of faux relevance in that party.

Okay, you might be thinking that Walski’s being unduly harsh. But if that’s the case, how do you account for this madness?

With so many more serious problems plaguing the nation, this is the nonsense that they come up with?

It’s bad enough that PAS Youth wants to ban everything – these Talibunnies seem to wanna do as much damage. Or more, if possible. 
(vicious bunnies, and more, in the full post)

Now, a Facebook acquaintance, commenting on PU’s statement said: “Next they will be banning fantasy, horror and Sci Fi books, then all films, TV show and all books - hello Taliban”.

To which, Walski said that under the circumstances the term Talibunnies would probably be more appropriate. Said acquaintance then retorted: “Talibunnies I think is too tame a term, too nice and furry, cuddly. These are viscous mutilators of culture and the arts, hence my term talibanistic”.

Walski then reminded his acquaintnace of this viciously furry, cuddle-deadly classic film scene:

So yeah, Walski will stick to Talibunnies, thank you very much. Their deadly venomous true demeanor is elegantly masked by their demure and irrelevant facade. PU indeed…

But demand by Princesses Irrelevant, if taken seriously, does have far-reaching and damaging ramifications, as pointed out by Mariam Mokhtar, via The Malaysian Insider.

Movies today, books tomorrow… sooner or later, even intelligence might be made a crime against the state, if these wannabe Taliban and Talibunnies have their way.

Truth be told, Walski does see behind the political charade, that what PU is trying to do is play one-up-womenship with PAS Youth – the “if they can insist on banning stuff, so can we” juvenile mindset at play.

Which is exactly why these princesses will remain in the Irrelevant bin of UMNO. But don’t tell Puteri UMNO that… otherwise another tear-fest will probably erupt (via NST).

Speaking of being irrelevant – both Khairy Jamaluddin’s (UMNO Youth Chief) and Najib’s speeches spoke of the need for UMNO to be more inclusive of “others”. Oh, and that the benefits of the NEP shouldn’t only be enjoyed by the Malays. Oh, oh… and that UMNO is not racist (snicker) [links via The Edge and The Star, respectively].

If that’s the case, then what the hell is the point of race-based politics anymore, Walski wonders… other than being a playground for irrelevant Talibunny princesses, that is.

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