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Monday, September 07, 2009

Herd in Conversation

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First, an example of how a particular type of herd communicates. You’ve probably already seen this by now, but our Cow Saga simply wouldn’t be complete if Walski didn’t include it here.

To be honest, Walski can't quite classify exactly what kind of herd it is, per se. Cows – dumb as they are – generally are a pretty docile bunch. And they’re rather quiet, for the most part – they just follow, with the occasional moo. Oh, and they have horns.

This herd? Well, in lieu of a better anthropological classification, let’s just say that it was part barking-hyena, part Neanderthal. Blogger friend Marina M. calls them the “Ugly Malay” kind of herd. Well, Walski thinks she got it half right – to Walski they’re just plain ugly. Fugly, even – especially their mode of speech and behavior.

And so continues the Cow Saga – which began with one martyred cow, just over a week ago in Shah Alam, whose head was paraded by approximately a 50-strong herd of these fugly barking hyena-Neanderthal hybrids.

A slightly different herd from the one in the video above, but definitely of the same stupid breed of God-knows-what. 
(herds that don’t converse intelligently, and more, in the full post)

Dialog is definitely not in the vocabulary of this herd. Neither are courtesy, civility and manners. No, they prefer to just scream their half-baked, half-gibberish rants, not once wanting to listen. They went to the dialog session with an agenda, and that agenda was chaotic tomfoolery. Shout down anyone within spitting distance, and generally make total moronic fools of themselves.

It would therefore be interesting to find out if all of them actually were residents of Shah Alam Section 23.

Well, sadly, they accomplished their loud mission – the relocation of the temple from Section 19 to Section 23 has been shelved for now.

But Walski thinks that he’s gotten ahead of himself – pun not intended – in relating the Cow Saga from when it began over a week ago.

It's probably unnecessary to rehash the actual Cow Head Protest – the prologue, of sorts, to our saga. As part of his LRTQ2 campaign, Walski posted about it not long after it happened.

What is interesting, however, is what our so-called national leaders had to say about the protest itself.

Minister of Herd Central – better known as the Home Ministry – Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein – came out in support of the Section 23 Malay/Muslim residents who have problems with the temple relocation. What A Lulu, in a posting this past Friday, painstakingly transcribed what Keris Man had to say in the following Malaysiakini video.

All Walski will say is this: interesting. Doesn’t know who brought the severed cow head? Limited the (initial) protest to 10 people? No political overtures? Walski wonders if Hishamuddin has even seen the video of the protest.

And as the intrigues of things Malaysianly political would have it, the video above, plus the one of the original protest, are the two videos that the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has ordered Malaysiakini to take off their video site and YouTube. Reason? For being "… ‘provocative’ and ‘offensive’ under Section 211 and 233 of the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998" (via The Star).

Real reason? In the case of the Keris Man video above, it probably an exercise to cover up just what a doofus our Home Minister is. This takes into account a different tone per what the mainstream press has been reporting, calling for stern action to be taken on the protesters and all. Kinda doesn’t add up, if you were to ask Walski.

The original video, incidentally, does show the involvement of UMNO members – as pointed out by in an analysis done by Teluk Bakong Online. Political hijab in the month of Ramadhan, perhaps?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires next in this saga… Thus far, the decision to relocate the temple has been shelved. Under the circumstances, probably a good thing, so that tempers have a chance to cool down.

Here’s the strange thing, though. As volatile as the initial protest was, the police made the decision to do nothing because the situation did not permit any action (via The Malaysian Insider). And yet, when there’s a candlelight vigil, a different story altogether.

Strange, but true. Many people accuse the Malaysian police for having double standards. Well, Walski happens to think that if it weren’t for those double standards, they’d have no standard at all…

Perhaps it was the candles and red roses… had it been a flaming cow’s head, maybe the police might have been more forgiving… Okay, perhaps the choir should have had a couple more practices. But riot police?

But Walski digresses…

And so the Cow Saga remains never-ending, albeit currently in hiatus mode. But one question does remain – was the barking hyena-Neanderthal herd really representative of the Section 23 folks?

Or was it a nomadic one, purposely travelling to the town hall meeting, acting up, to get themselves… err, herd?


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