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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bovine Perspectives

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One of Walski’s favorite home-grown websites has to be PopTV (pronounced Pop Tee Vee). It has a neat collection of ongoing programs, such as The Weekend Sessions, 20 Questions, and Bulletin Popek – a brilliant political and current events gossip program, presented by a hand-puppet (for some reason not updated since July).

But the program that Walski tries to catch without fail is The Fairly Current Show, hosted by Fahmi Fadzil. It also features Elaine Presley reading from “Unwelcome Words” by Amir Muhammad.

The latest installment, though, is special – Fahmi interviews a cow, named Jay Cee to get her perspective on current events. Seriously.

Is it just Walski, or did you find it moo-ving, too? 
(fair, balanced, and cross-species viewpoints, in the full post)

Truth be told, Walski’s more than impressed. Never realized that Fahmi spoke cow. In a totally psychic way, to boot. Not sure of Jay Cee’s religious affiliations, but you may be forgiven if the phrase “holy cow” came to your mind while watching the segment.

But why this effort by PopTV? Producer Mark Teh, in a Facebook message sent out via The Fairly Current Show’s own Facebook group page, explains.

Much has been written and debated about on the Shah Alam cow-head controversy. Members of the Section 19 and 23 communities, politicians, provocateurs, bloggers, the mainstream media, the online media, the international media, concerned Malaysians, ugly Malaysians, beautiful Malaysians – they've all had their say.

But one voice remains unheard. The most important voice.

This week, The Fairly Current Show brings you deep inside a community of cows, to understand the story from THEIR perspective, to hear the words, so to speak, directly from the cow's mouth. We interview Jay Cee, a female cow, on her lunch break for her thoughts on the controversy, as well as her take on vegetarianism, ecological sustainability and Malaysia Day.

Selamat Hari menJadi Malaysia, Selamat Hari Raya, and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

It's an important reminder to us that when dealing with issues of the day, what’s crucial is to get views from all around, before you form your own opinion. And who says that the perspectives must come from the human species alone?

Well done, PopTV, for enabling a truly balanced view to be herd.

Yes, the typo was intentional. And that’s no bull.

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