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Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Nine-Inch Pilgrimage of Nails

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Based on the title, it’s probably not the kind of pilgrimage you’d have thunk. But it’s one that Walski is looking forward to immensely.

Walski has been following the career of Trent Reznor – the creative genius behind Nine Inch Nails – ever since the very first NIN album, Pretty Hate Machine, way back in 1989.

Trent is almost exactly a year younger than Walski – to be exact, a month and a couple days short of one year. And this, the first ever concert in Singapore (like hell they’ll ever be allowed in Malaysia), will also be the last.

Dubbed The Wave Goodbye tour, this will probably be the last tour for Trent. Well, for a while, at least. He’s catching up on the years. And while 44 is nowhere near what anyone would consider old, touring the world performing the kind of music that he does is another kettle of fish altogether.

Walski, while a tad disappointed, fully understands.

Musically, NIN has also kinda toned down a tad over the years – still really cool and intense, but perhaps a teensy weensy bit subdued compared to the days between Broken and The Fragile.

But it’s all still good. No, make that still excellently good.

And this, it would seem, will be Walski’s last chance to catch Nine Inch Nails live in concert. At least for a while, until Trent decides that simply making music doesn’t cut it anymore.

For this pilgrimage, Walski has to thank one person – his best friend, the one and only Lord Panda. This pilgrimage was a birthday present from the guy. Only because he knows how big a fan Walski is, and that up till tomorrow, Walski has never had the opportunity to catch NIN live.

And you can bet your bottom rupiah that Walski will be reporting on the concert in the coming days… 
(tickets still available, and more, in the full post)

If you, like Walski, have never seen ‘em live, here’s something to look forward to, if you’re making that road trip down south. And tickets are still available, if you haven’t made up your mind whether or not you wanna go.

The video above was captured during their concert in Perth, Australia, in March this year, featuring musicians from Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s not immediately known if Trent’s going to invite any guests for tomorrow’s show. But that’s like a bonus, if it happens.

What’s more important is getting to see NIN live. As this will be the last time you’ll see them live for a while, if you think you like Nine Inch Nails and would like to see them in concert, this is your last chance. For a while anyway.

Walski has waited a good part of two decades to see NIN live. Another 20-some hours of waiting time is something he can live with.

Truth be told, though – Walski can’t friggin’ wait… and what better way to describe this trip tomorrow, other than call it a pilgrimage.

Image taken from LAMC Productions, hosting by Phoobucket

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