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Saturday, August 22, 2009

LRTQ2: Let's Read The Quran... again

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Good news – we are bringing back the Let’s Read The Quran Campaign this Bulan Puasa (Fasting Month).

During the first campaign (January 14 – February 14 2009) there were four friends Syed, Walski, Marina and Anas who got together in the campaign and about 50 blogs participated helping us reach a larger audience.

This time around, four more friends will be part of the main team; they are Art Harun, Jahamy, Pah Nur and Nizam Bashir.

To recap, the campaign is not only for Muslims, but also for our brothers and sisters who are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and those who believe in God and a proper way of doing things – come join us and share your ideas! You can join this campaign even if you are an atheist!

The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to read the Quran in a language they understand most and find in it areas of common value for our day to day living.

We also want to hear your feedback and comments. 
(what it’s all about, and how you can participate, in the full post)

What is the Campaign all about?
Read the Quran in the language that you are familiar with.

When will the campaign start and end?
August 22nd to September 21st (Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri)

Participating blogs in the blogosphere.

So more people know what the Quran says and what the Quran does not say and to match its relevance to our daily lives.

Anyone who wants to – the more the merrier! If you have a Blog, Facebook, etc carry the logo/icon.

To join the campaign, place the accompanying logo/icon at your blog.
- Write or share short articles based on the Quranic text.
- Share what you find in the Quran with family and friends.
- Ask questions about the Quranic message
- Read the Quran – for example, click here: IslamiCity, or

Peace and Thanks!

Marina Mahathir
Syed Akbar Ali
Walski (that's here)
Art Harun
Pah Nur
Nizam Bashir, and 
Anas Zubedy

Participating Blogs (we hope to see this list grow):

  1. 3540 Jalan Sudin 
  2. Anas Zubedy
  3. ARTiculations
  4. Being Human in the World 
  5. Cowboy Malaysia
  6. Disquiet
  7. Jebat Must Die
  8. Lunch at the Lake Club
  10. myAsylum
  11. O.B.E.
  12. OutSyed The Box
  13. Poetic Justice
  14. Rantings by MM
  15. Rapera
  16. Renovatio
  17. Rocky's Bru
  18. Write Away
  19. Writing By Amir

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