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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Walski's brain went on holiday...

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It appears that some of you were wondering where Walski went. Or at least regular reader Pah Nur did.

Strange as it may sound, Walski’s brain decided to go on holiday for a bit.

Without bothering to tell Walski first, or even seek his prior approval. Which did cause a bit of a problem in the creativity department. Stranger still, the motor function department seemed to not notice.

The good news is, however, that myAsylum’s intrepid Cybernetic Remote Autonomous Para-roaches (CRAP) managed to track down Walski’s brain, and said brain has been repatriated.

Oh well, whatever… but time did fly on this unannounced blog holiday, and before Walski realized it (absent brain notwithstanding), it’s been over a week since the last entry. Yes, it’s true… time flies.

Except when Walski went to Kerteh last week. Boy… talk about a boring town. And being that Kerteh is in Terengganu, just so you know, Walski did not see any flying prayer mats. In fact, Kerteh is so boring, even time doesn’t freakin’ fly. There’s a reason why Kerteh, despite being Peninsular Malaysia’s oil & gas and petrochemical capital, has not flourished more than it has. But Walski will cover that at some point later in another post.

Despite his brain being on holiday, Walski’s been thinking about a number of things. Much has happened, both in Walski’s personal world as well as the world around him. Good things, strange things…

But one thing Walski has managed to catch up with is films – watching some of those flicks he’d wanted to but couldn’t find the time to watch.

And one of those films is Wolverine, the first X-Men Origins films to hit the big screen (yes, there are more to come). Or, in Walski’s case the small screen of his living room. Not a bad flick, although he must say that it wasn’t extraordinary in any way – CGI notwithstanding.

But it did raise some interesting questions in Walski’s vacuous mind… 
(when the brain’s away, the mind will play, in the full post)

Like the brothers Logan & Victor Creed – a.k.a. Wolverine and Sabretooth. If they can’t age, how could they have grown up from being kids at the start of the film? Or if they’d have to redo the first X-Men film so that Sabretooth will look consistent.

And what which of Wolverine’s parents had superpowers? Or is Walski getting X-men confused with Heroes?

The mystery continues… probably the brain going on holiday was a contributing X-factor.

Some of you might also have thought that Walski was in mourning over the passing of Micheal Jackson. Answer: No. But, MJ was on Walski’s mind, sort of. For other reasons.

The thoughts were revolving around this: being that MJ supposedly converted to Islam sometime before his death, and IF the guy were Malaysian, would the authorities be fighting the family over his body around about now? The news about Mohan Singh’s conversion to Islam being ruled to have happened, and the civil court washing its hands (not for the first time), kind of brought those thoughts to the fore yesterday.

Isn’t it more important how the guy lived (not that MAIS – Selangor’s religious department – cared, it seems), rather than the obsession of the religious authorities over his dead body? Then again, this is Malaysia – where how you’re buried seems more important.

And then, of course, the ongoing protests in Iran – Walski thought some about that too. But he’ll cover that in a separate post, sometime in the near future. All he will say now is that in a theocratic state such as Iran, those going against the status quo can be accused of going against God (via Arab Times Online). In that respect, Walski reckons that Malaysia is lucky. For now.

But even as Iranians continue to protest against an election they felt was stolen from them, new unrest has been reported in China. This time it’s clashes between the Muslim Uighurs and the Hans, happening in Urumqi, Western China. And just as Iran tries to suppress information from being disseminated, so is China (via The New York Times).

On a more personal front, Walski is no longer in limbo – you know, being that his brain came back and all. Which is a nice feeling. Suspended animation is okay for the first few days, but after that it really starts to get old. Not to mention boring.

There are a few other thoughts that did cross his mind, but those aren’t as important. Besides, they’re not exactly newsworthy anymore.

It may be a few more days (but hopefully less) until Walski gets back into the full swing of things blog-wise – the brain needs to accustom itself to it’s cage again – but when Walski does, you might find things here a tad bit different.

And that’s because the next post will be a landmark one, of sorts. That’s all the details you are gonna get for now.


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