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Monday, June 08, 2009

Top Ten: Commie Worm-signs

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The recent renewed anal retentive attention on Communism, and the fear factor type statements coming from political dinosaurs like Rais Yatim, (with the help of his dinosaur media advisor Chamil Wariya), and the like, has really gotten Walski thinking.

When that happens, you know that another Top 10 list isn’t far behind.

So, without further ado, therefore, here are Walski’s Top 10 Reasons Why Malaysia May Already Be A Communist Country
(the Top Ten list, and more, in the full post)

10. “Official” illegal colors
Yellow was Bersih, Black is Wong Chin Huat... both colors ILLEGAL!

9. Lit candles in open spaces now illegal
Beware when there's a power failure... you may just need a police permit. Unless you belong to the right party, then Malaysia Boleh.

8. “China was never a threat to Malaysia or the region” – Najib

7. Free Market Government-Linked Monopoly!
Tenaga Nasional, Indah Water... just to name a few.

6. Some ex-Communists are more equal than others

5. No peaceful assembly complete without violent police crackdown
It's a good thing our police force doesn't own combat tanks.

4. Government controlled pricing
Rice, flour, sugar, chicken, beef, automobiles... free market what again?

3. Bruce Lee = Communism

2. Gigantic portraits of our glorious leaders
Image taken from BBC News, hosting by Photobucket

… and the Number 1 sign Malaysia may already be a Communist country:

Religious police, book police, t-shirt police, cake police, candle police... 'nuff said.

Incidentally, just in case you were wondering what images the Publication and Quranic Text Control Division found to be offensive, obscene and, promoting communism, here they are (hat-tip to Lim Kit Siang):

Malaysia... truly FUCKED UP.