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Monday, June 22, 2009

Swinging from Poll 2 Poll

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Recently, Walski put up a poll asking if you peeps understood what the 1Malaysia concept is all about, or not. And the results weren’t all that surprising – although Walski was a little disappointed with the underwhelming response. But nevermind.

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In any case, 75% of you didn’t have a clue. And quite frankly, Walski’s not entirely sure either – as did 17% of the poll respondents. And only 8% understand what it’s all about.

Okay, yes, Walski knows about the 8 thrusts and all that, but with the political appeasement caveats introduced, doesn’t it sound like status quo restated? At best, aren’t these 8 thrusts pretty much leading to the same damned thing that Vision 2020 wants to achieve? And by when?

More importantly, however, for Walski is this question – what kind of Malaysia would you like to see in the future, as a result, or despite of, 1Malaysia? 

Which, by some strange cosmic coincidence is exactly the question that the new poll asks (see sidebar).
(rules of poll response, and more, in the full post)

The poll will run for about 8 days or so, until the end of June. And as usual, if you have a blog on the Blogger platform, you can easily incorporate the poll by clicking the button below it.

Yes, the choices may seem limited, but then again, these are the possibilities Walski sees, based on the current situation. You can, by the way, add a response of your own, if you wish.

Personally, Walski would like to see a more democratic and a more liberal Malaysia. No one has the right to claim a permanent lease on leadership, nor does any individual have the right to impose their own morality onto another.

Then again, that’s just Walski.

Which is exactly why he put the poll up. What do YOU want as an ideal Malaysia down the road?


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