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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

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Okay, so it’s late in the day for Walski to be doing this. But more importantly, it’s still Sunday. Hope that it’s been a mother of a day for ya.

So, in Malaysia at least, Happy Mother’s Day!

It wouldn’t be myAsylum if Walski didn’t post something off-the-wall on days like this...
(more mothersome verbiage, in the full post)

Hat-tip to Walski’s old and dear friend Stacy Miller for the video (sorry – but she doesn’t have a blog or anything that Walski can link to).

Of course, everyone loves and cherishes their mother. In one way or another. No matter how overbearing and unreasonable they can be sometimes, we all love our mums.

Walski’s at an age when he knows that nobody’s perfect. But so far, he has not met one mother who’s done things for (and sometimes to) their children without having good intentions. Okay, there are those occasional nutcase exceptions, but by and large, it’s all for the good of the kids.

No matter how screwed up, in retrospect, the intentions are always good. And Walski reckons that it’s this that’s the most important take-away.

In any case, hope that all of you have had a meaningful day – or will have, if you’re in a different timezone from where Walski is.

Happy Mother’s Day, peeps!

p.s. For Malaysians, tomorrow is going to be another mother of a day, when we find out who the courts think the Chief Minister of Perak should be. And if by then we’re still not satisfied, the only way left to settle it is to put both Nizar and Zambry into a barricaded canvas ring, and let ‘em slug it out. WWE style.

Walski will be ringside selling hot dogs and pop corn…