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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The loose ends get more entangled

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As this post goes live, most of you would already know that the BN Perak Government has obtained a stay of judicial decision. The stay doesn’t invalidate the decision, but only delays when the decision takes effect. But the stay will be valid until the appeal to yesterday’s decision is heard.

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Which means that the illegitimate Chief Minister, Datuk Zambry Abd Kadir legitimately remains Chief Minister, albeit illegitimately, while the legitimate Chief Minister cannot resume office legitimately. Anything the legitimate CM does, as this point would be illegitimate.

Yes, Walski knows it sounds confusing. Fucked up, even. But that’s how the law plays out, which explains why some court cases drag on, and on, and on.

Which also means that as long as the delayed legitimacy is in place, which allows the illegitimate to legitimately remain illegitimate, we’ll still have to call Perak Darul Limbo for a while yet.
(tangling the entangled even further, in the full post)

But allow Walski to tangle up your already tangled mind for a while longer.

Because the ruling yesterday established that “at all material times” Nizar was and is the rightful Chief Minister of Perak, it means that BN can’t really do much with Darul Limbo, either. In effect, from having 2 of everything, Perak now doesn’t even have any Chief Minister or a State Executive Council. To quote @limkitsiang via Twitter:

From a constitutional crisis with 2 MBs, Perak plunges into the ridiculous situation where no one can occupy the MB's office in SUK

SUK, incidentally is the acronym for the Bahasa Malaysia phrase for State Secretariat (SetiaUsaha Kerajaan). But just like how the acronym looks, the situation certainly does suck.

It just gets better and better folks – legitimately exercising illegitimacy while sitting out a hiatus of rightful pronouncement of legitimacy.

Or something to that effect.