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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opinion Poll: Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

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Since Walski’s last poll was totally sabotaged by the government’s recent announcement, he decided to close that poll. Since it’s pretty much moot anyway. Walski made the decision yesterday.

And then, almost immediately after he made the decision, Walski came across this posting at The People’s Parliament, inviting folks to attend a Bar Council forum, which will take place later today.

Which then gave Walski the idea of a new poll, albeit a totally inconsequential one (see the Bite Walski’s Poll section of the sidebar).

So, take the challenge and answer this crucial question: Perak Crisis – Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? 
(revenge of the sabotaged poll, and more, in the full post)

But seriously, the situation in Perak is so fucked up, Walski has no choice but to handle it with a pinch of salt. Make that a bucket of salt. Or, a stupid opinion poll, as the case may be.

Walski’s certain that Haris will be attending the forum today, and that he’ll report on it soon enough. It would be interesting to hear what the various opinions are, as to whether the crisis in the silver state is a constitutional, legal or political crisis.

Maybe, it’s all three rolled into one. In which case, if it’s a crisis so monumental that it is all three, it therefore begs the much bigger question.

Yup, you guessed it: Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

When faced with fucked up situations, the only way Walski knows how to stomach them is to come up with equally silly stuff. Like the opinion poll that he’s now challenging you to take.

C’mon… it’s the weekend, people. Humor Walski a bit, won’t ya?