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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A bunch of gimps called GMP

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First, the Bernama report, which was later parroted by many of the other mainstream media parrots.

Bernama news report, image hosting by Photobucket

And then, another bunch of idiots, who call themselves Pemuda Kuih Lapis Pelapis, pick up the Berita Harian version of the report, and happily start moralizing about how to “report responsibly” (translation & emphasis by myAsylum).

Jadilah wartawan yang profesional sekalipun menyokong pakatan haram PR. Kita tahu ia bukan lagi satu rahsia kerana Malaysiakini lebih pro kepada pakatan pembangkang walaupun sekali pandang kononnya ia cuba berlaku adil. Di sebalik tabir media tersebut terdiri daripada pemimpin pembangkang. Semua orang tahu.

Become professional reporters, even though you support the illegitimate PR coalition. We know that it's no longer a secret that Malaysiakini is more pro-Opposition, even though on the surface, they seem as though they are trying to be fair. Behind their media curtain are leaders of the opposition. Everybody knows that.

(source: Pemuda Kuih Lapis Pelapis)

They even insinuated that Malaysiakini had “deleted the article”, either in panic or because the media site was instructed to do so.

But there’s one big problem: the so-called insulting article was not even published by Malaysiakini!

And the gimps called GMP, plus their Kuih Lapis supporters, were just too stupid to realize it. Not to mention Bernama, who didn’t even bother to verify the story – something that could’ve been done with a little Google-action.  
(kneejerk mental gimps, and more, in the full post)

And then there’s another problem – what exactly was insulting about the article? Which, incidentally, was published on The Malaysian Insider, not Malaysiakini. You can find the article, in its entirety, here.

The Malaysian Insider article was pretty much a verbatim account of the Perak regent’s, Raja Nazrin, speech during the state sultan’s 81st birthday ceremony. What the gimps found offensive was apparently the reader comment section. Many of the readers felt that based on recent events, especially the role of the palace in the Perak political fiasco, what the prince regent said during his speech didn’t hold water. It was felt the speech was trying to defend the undefendable. Namely, the role his father, the Sultan of Perak, played.

The gimps at GMP, probably lacking the ability to analyze, saw any disagreement – and mind you, the comments were very civil and polite – as an insult. The fact that the police report was made without even reading the article, or knowing where it came from, shows that it was nothing more than a kneejerk reaction by a bunch of gimps.

Malaysiakini actually managed to get a clarification from GMP. And an apology later on. But what GMP had to say was, shall we say, rib-tickling in itself (from their related news report today):

Malaysiakini contacted GMP this morning to seek clarification over the police report and was told by Mohd Hilmi that he was not aware if Malaysiakini had carried such a report before going to the police.

“I didn’t know about the said article. I was informed by my staff and I lodged a report,” he said.

Woah... filing a police report on blind faith. How lovely. But it gets better.

When asked if he realised that he could have tarnished Malaysiakini reputation with his police report, Mohd Hilmi asked: “Isn’t Malaysiakini the same as Malaysian Today or some other blogs?”

Well, needless to say GMP has a shitload of damage control to do. To their credit, they have apologized to Malaysiakini, and are in the process of rectifying their original police report, plus informing all the other media parrots of their mistake.

But damage control all they want, and it still won’t take away the fact that GMP are a bunch of kneejerk mental gimps…

Walski’s gimpish terminolgy clarification footnote: The term gimp is a derogatory one, referring to someone with a physical impairment (from Urban Dictionary). It has an alternate meaning, like the context used in this post, to mean someone who’s incompetent and/or stupid. Not unlike GMP. Which funny enough, also sounds like ‘gimp’.