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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Promises kept and broken

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In one of the most interesting weeks, from a political point of view, some of you might have wondered why the silence here at myAsylum. Despite the silence, Walski has been observing the happenings at the UMNO General Assembly – the expected, as well as the strange and unanticipated. But for now, Walski will keep these thoughts percolating for a while.

And there’s a good reason for it.

Earlier this week, someone close to Walski (more so to the Mrs.) passed away, succumbing to the Big C. It was very sudden, although we somewhat expected last week that the person’s health had visibly deteriorated in a short span of time.

Because of this fateful event, Walski had to go away to attend the wake and subsequent funeral. And because he had to go away, a promise he’d made couldn’t be fulfilled. This post, however, partly fulfills another promise Walski made.

Walski does have many thoughts about this tragic passing, but we’ll leave that for a later post. It’s the wee hours of the morning where he is, and the only time that can be spared to do this.  
(one promise kept and the other broken, in the full post)

As he often does, we start with the positive.

Promise Kept – Cicak Cobain: Sedap?
The bassist for Ben’s Bitches, Gordon “CK” Lim, earlier this week announced the release of his solo project, Cicak Cobain. Walski had promised CK that he would help promote the album, and this is the promise fulfilled.

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Well, partly. For now, it’s more of a mention. There will be a few more posts on Sedap? coming up soon, once Walski’s back into the swing of things.

A couple of things that Walski should also mention. One – the album artwork was designed by avant-punk artist Mun Kao, whose works you may have seen on the web, or in real life. He’s one artist that Walski thinks will go pretty far. Second – the entire album (consisting of 15 tracks) can be downloaded, for absolutely nothing (except for bandwidth and your time) from the Cicak Cobain page at Disarseter Records, either individually, or as one “big ass” zip file.

Promise Broken – “Readings” for March 2009
For a long time now, Walski had wanted to attend the “Readings” sessions, done once a month, at Seksan’s in Bangsar. Equally as long, he’s wanted to meet Sharon Bakar, whom for one reason or another, Walski has always managed to not meet.

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This time around, as an added incentive, Walski’s good friend The Lord Panda himself wound up being one of the featured readers. And Walski thought that at last, he would be able to go. Walski was also supposed to help out with the Panda Head Curry? performance, since Walski is a sometimes-collaborator, after all.

Alas, for reasons you now already know, once again, a raincheck has to be taken. Walski hopes it goes well, and that everyone attending has a good time. He apologizes profusely for alluding to the fact that he was going to attend. Because in truth, he really wanted to.

But to somewhat rephrase a well known cliché, life is like a game of Russian Roullette – you never know which chamber’s loaded.

In life, there are sometimes unpleasant duties to perform, and one of those duties is to be there for family when they are in need of emotional support.

Like during that one final journey a member of the family has to take… the last journey from home, to a destination unknown.