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Friday, March 13, 2009

Poll Position: Dude, where's my Fresh Polls?

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Well folks, Walski's back from the "mission" that he mentioned in his previous post. Tiring, but a satisfying and succesful one. But more about that in a different post.

The results of the most recent opinion poll is not at all surprising. In fact, Walski expected it and would have been surprised if the results were other than how it all panned out.

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Of course, with any poll, you'll inevitably get a few lunatic fringe votes. But the lunatic fringe choice, this time around, is a pretty scary and dangerous one. 
(result analysis, the lunatic fringe, and more, in the full post)

The vast majority of you who participated echoed pretty much what we've been hearing all along - fresh polls. Like Walski said, no surprise whatsoever.

Now, Walski purposely put in a choice for a unity government. 4 of you thought that it would be a good idea. Truth be told, it's the other viable choice to get things moving in the sorry state. But political tensions, and the intense rhetoric that we've been hearing ever since PR lost the state to BN through interesting means, indicates that this is a choice that only a group of rational, people-caring politicians would choose. And it takes BN to be magnanimous enough to offer first.

But political magnamity is probably something that you'll have a hard time to find in BN's glossary of political stances. As the Hokkiens would say: wait long-long...

Also purposely put into the choice selection was declaring emergency rule. Walski would really like to know who voted for this choice... Seriously, dude (or dudette)... while it would force some calm onto the state, such a drastic move is going to be a bad scene. And it would set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.


Well, we're soon going to get a new PM. And by any measure, perhaps the most unpopular person, in our nation's history, to be in waiting to take up that all too important office. Setting the wheels of emergency rolling in Perak is not going to bode well for the rest of us. A precedent of doing that to solve an impasse is not good. Not one single bit.

You do the math yourself if the connection doesn't seem clear. You fine product of a screwed up Malaysian education system, you....

Speaking of the screwed up Malaysian education system, the new poll that Walski just put up has something - make that everything - to do with said screwy system. And once again, you can host the poll on your own Blogger blog if you so wish (just click the icon below the poll).

In the meantime, however, the ball lies squarely in the Sultan of Perak's court... either listen to what the people want, and support the call for fresh polls, or risk being chastised even further by the people. Simple choices, yet difficult ones, all at the same time. But life's like that, in the real world, 'innit?

So, yeah dude... where's my fresh polls?