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Saturday, February 14, 2009

LRTQ: So long, and thanks...

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All good things, as they say, eventually come to an end. Same goes with this campaign. But sometimes, the end of one endeavor marks the beginning of another. Walski hopes that the same goes with this campaign. Officially over, but sparks the beginning of a greater journey of discovery...

Peace be with you 

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt is mid February, the year has just begun, and the four of us Marina, Syed Akbar, Walski and Anas feel that we have started something meaningful to kick off the year. .

Perhaps it is because it was on the very first day of the year, on January 1st that we took the first step to organise this campaign. Encouraging not just Muslims but also our brothers and sisters from the other faiths to read and ponder the Quran. Many have expressed enthusiasm towards the campaign, as you can gauge from the comments below..

We would like to thank you for being with us, contributing, sharing comments and reading our posts. Ribuan terima kasih to our fellow Bloggers, more than 50 blogs who proudly hosted the campaign logo thus helping us reach a much bigger audience.

We also would like to thank those who were opposed to our approach; for their gentle words, comments and disagreement, truly Islamic in behaviour. We are brothers and sisters of the same faith, we are not enemies. We can agree to disagree. Our platform maybe different, but our goal is the same. Let’s keep this at heart.

While our campaign officially ends today February 14th yet our commitment to make Quran relevant in our lives is unending. Let’s continue this good work as the Quran says,

And if all the trees on earth were pens, and the sea (were) ink, with seven (more) seas yet added to it, the words of God would not be exhausted: for, verily, God is almighty, wise.” (Quran 31:27)

Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best (meaning) in it: those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endued with understanding” (Quran 39:18).

Salam and thank you,

Marina Mahathir
Syed Akbar Ali
Anas Zubedy

(selected comments from the campaign posting, and more,  in the full post)

The following are some selected comments left by our readers, as the result of postings for the Let's Read The Quran campaign, compiled from all four of our blogs.

Yusuf Martin
What an excellent idea - it is better to understand the Quran, its nuances and meanings if you also have access to it in your own language. I read the Quran - 4 versions - in English

Certainly a worthy goal. As a non-Muslim I can guarantee that I know more about Islam (it's history and culture)than 95% of Malay Muslims. However my knowledge of the Quran (and other scriptures) are pretty basic so an understanding of the Quran can only be a good thing especially in a multi-racial setting such as ours.

I decided sometime last year that I'd read the Quran too. Good to know about this campaign. Looking forward to many interesting posts from you guys!

Isn't this a nicer way to educate and reach out? Thanks!

Kim Chow

This has caught my attention. It has never crossed my mind before to read the Quran.

The ongoing bloody and brutal Gaza bombardment by Israel makes my stomach churn.

Last night, I received an email asking Christians to support Israel.

This Chinese New Year there is little reason for me to celebrate knowing that so many lives have perished like worthless creatures. I keep thinking of the children who have been maimed, crippled and orphaned.

Etched in my mind is the image of this cute and adorable two-year Palestinian girl who appeared on Aljazeera. I pray that God will keep her and her family safe.

Yes, I am interested to read the Quran.

It is always good to see any initiative which will remove Muslims from their hibernation and an initiative which will paint a true picture of Islam to the masses who are misinformed by the media. All the best Insha Allah!

I have read The Holy Book from cover to cover. The whole 114 Suras and I came away from it with an over-abiding sense of respect and awe.

This is why I get puzzled by the many pronouncements about Islam by so called Important Persons in the media.

For instance, in Sura 18, in the story about the 'people of the cave' God entrusts the safety of the group with a DOG, which is made to lie at the mouth of cave to discourage any passersby from molesting the group whom God has made to sleep for an age.

And the pig on the other hand kept the people of the Islamic world safe from Pests and Pestilence by eating up all the offal that people threw out. Since sewerage systems need water to work, it is the pigs that fulfilled this function and kept society healthy.

"Thou shall not consume the flesh of swine that feeds on offal"

God did not want the pigs killed and eaten.

This to me makes more sense than to claim that God condemned these two animals as unclean. Who created these animals in the first place?

I'll stop by making this observation. If I live a life true to Islam, when I die would God reject me because some Kadi or other has not confirmed me as Muslim as such?

Oh, by the way I am a non - muslim.

Father Fez
This is a great idea. If the non Muslims could also read the Quran and understand the timeless message it would do a lot of good in promoting better understanding.

Perhaps then, the brainless antics of some of our leaders in the name of Islam, can be seen as "brainless antics."

great... a departure from the many verses that just stereotyped Quran into a book about how one would be punished in the hereafter. Nice linkage to ordinary events.

What a beautiful way to interpret the Gift that is the Al-Quran. Sometimes we forget that everyone is a creation of Allah SWT deserving of respect and communion. Lovely.

Pah Nur
I think religion is a tool to unite the human race of different variety, be it black, white, sawa matang, or shades in between. But most had chosen to stay obtuse, rather, use religion to separate the human beings according to "branding", which is sad.

Let’s Read the Quran Campaign.....well done!!..It’s realy.. really good initiative as the Quran is applicable for all generations and for all people regardless their races... Allah sent down the Quran to mankind as a book of guidance and an avenue for knowledge in every aspects as well as a medium to unite people to the right path

The secret is when we appreciate each other for who we are, and the things we share in common...

Focus on the differences and that's all we're going to see.

So, with the official campaign at an end, a reasonable question you may be asking yourself is probably, "What now?"

For Walski, personally, if there were a journey that's never-ending, it would have to be the study of the Quran. So, the campaign end only means continuing with his journey of discovery and learning.

If anyone out there has something interesting to reflect on, based on the Quran, please feel free to blog or write about it. And you may even use the LRTQ logo in relation to your post, if you so wish. It's not copyrighted in any way, and the four of us decided to allow free usage of it.

The only thing we ask is that you take responsibility and ownership over what you write, and a reminder that it will not belong to the just-ended campaign.

It was a fun initiative to do, although Walski must say that he's sorry he couldn't contribute more. He also hopes that this small effort has been beneficial for you.

Oh, incidentally - Walski does remember a whole list of questions left by reader CKGord in the initial posting. After some consideration, he's decided that addressing those questions should be outside the campaign - so hang tight, buddy... Walski will address them soon.

Thanks, too, to all who picked up on the campaign, and either posted something on your respective blogs, hosted the logo, or mentioned the campaign. In all, as far as the four of us could tell, there was participation from about 50 blogs!

Finally, Walski hopes that this has been beneficial to you as it has to him. The journey of discovery closes another chapter here. But continue it does, nevertheless, charting new experiences and discoveries...