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Saturday, January 17, 2009

LRTQ: Participant Post Update 1

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Image hosting by PhotobucketYou must be wondering why Walski hasn't posted anything yet, after the introductory post yesterday. Well, as sucky timing would have it, Walski is about to embark on one of his long-distance trips


Since there's some time before his flight, Walski thought that he should update you people on some of the other participants whom have posted something.
(posts up so far, and more, in the full post)

There are a few, actually, which Walski has tabulated for you:

Go and read them, in lieu of Walski's own contribution to the campaign - which, unfortunately, you'll have to wait for a bit longer, as he's en route to a place far, far away. Which means a long-ish flight.

Also - reader CKGord has presented to Walski a number of questions, via the comments from the introductory post. And they are good, thought provoking questions. Well, rest assured that Walski will take a stab at answering them.

Unless any of you beats Walski to it. Which is very possible, under the circumstances.

Well, until Walski can have more time on solid ground again, which should be in about 20 hours or so, go and read those other posts that Walski mentioned above...