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Saturday, January 03, 2009

KL Party Poopers

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As has been the case in years before this, 2009 starts with a scandal. Involving young people. Remember Goat Gate, that blemish of a stupid incident, which kicked off 2006?

Somebody once told Walski that two's company, three's a crowd, and four's an orgy.

Well, guess what? In KL, any more than 4 is liable to put you at risk of getting the longer-than-necessary arm of the law banging at your door.

The first question that popped into Walski's head when he heard about it: If this was such a terrible crime, as the Mainstream Media (particularly the Bahasa Malaysia ones) is making it out to be, exactly who were the victims?

Note to potential visitors to Malaysia: the terms "Privacy" and "Behind Closed Doors" are virtually non-existent in this country's vocabulary.
(the right to NO PRIVACY, and more, in the full post)

What some of the reports contained, too, raised Walski's eyebrows (yes, he has two). Like this one from The Star article clipped above:

"The women also tested positive for drugs, sources said."
(Source: The Star)

Not "some of the 26", or "a few of those arrested"... but very specifically "the women". What, weren't the men tested? Or was it because the guys weren't important enough. Two of those nabbed in the incident were female celebrities, as you'd probably have gathered from the numerous news reports.

Knowing something about how the Malaysian police does their drug screening (fortunately not first-hand), just about ANYTHING can cause you to test positive. Including that deadly substance called paracetemol.

Note to potential party-goers: If you have a headache, and have taken Panadol, stay the fuck home. And make sure nobody saw you popping 'em painkillers. Do like Mulder: Trust No One...

More scary, however, are the details of how the police (and who knows what other agencies) managed to nab these heinous criminals (of a victimless crime) in the wee hours of 2009 (from the same article, emphasis by myAsylum):

Sources said the duo had earlier partied away at a 2009 countdown celebration in Mont Kiara.

Later, along with some other acquaintances, they proceeded to the four-star hotel to attend the sexual escapade.

Sources said a team of police from the city headquarters busted the private sex party some 30 minutes after it began at about 3am.

“When police arrived, many of the party goers were already high on drugs.

“There were also three couples lying on beds, but they were clothed,” added the sources.
(Source: The Star)

What? They were found CLOTHED? What kind of a stupid SEX PARTY was it, if everyone was CLOTHED?!? Well, that probably depends on your definition of sex. In certain quarters, even holding hands is considered foreplay these days... but that's another stupid story Walski won't get into right now.

Image taken from Berita Harian, hosting by PhotobucketAnd as usual, whenever there's something sensational pertaining to young people - particularly young celebrities - the media was armed and ready. With their image capture apparatus, that is. Well, judging from what Walski has gleaned from the 'Net, the media that carried pictures at the scene were Kosmo! (Utusan's scandal paper), and Berita Harian (NST's BM semi-scandal paper). Like the one you see on the right. And just like Goat Gate, 3 years ago, the press were readily on hand.

Now, the details of where, what time (precise time, no less), and what not... makes Walski wonder if this was a set up, or if the celebs were followed and snitched on.

Maybe by someone who didn't get invited, and was pissed off... Who knows...

If Walski were prone to conspiracy theories, he'd have surmised that this was something planned, to pave the way for more stringent strangleholds on young people. Just watch what happens in the coming days and weeks. Since this was allegedly organized via Friendster (as The Star reported), Walski wouldn't be surprised if some high-ranking dickhead starts calling for snooping and surveillance on social networking platforms.

Oh, what a coincidence... UMNO elections coming up in March... Hmmm...

Also, since the raid was done on something going on behind closed doors, between consenting adults, it does make one wonder - is any place safe and private anymore? And does the term "consenting adults" even mean anything anymore?

What happened in KL in the early hours of 2009 was perhaps the more high-profiled one. Raids on hotel rooms were apparently also carried out in Kuantan (as reported by Kosmo!). And probably in other parts of the nation, too.

Note to self: Avoid Kuantan hotels like the plague on New Year's Eve.

Latest news reports is that everyone of the 26 are off the hook as far as "sex charges" are concerned, but will be investigated further for drug use. Particularly those who tested positive.

On a lighter note, based on the attention being given to the incident (by both the MSM and the morally rabid bloggers), Walski notes with sadness that even when it comes to sex scandals, Malaysians can't be more muhibbah... Sheesh...

And so, for 26 young adults, the year definitely began with a bang... well, actually it didn't - kinda difficult to do any sort of banging fully clothed.

Unless, of course, you count holding hands as foreplay...