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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin vs Palin

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Think of this post as an interlude - Walski just wasn't quite in the mood this morning to think about serious domestic stuff. Time off from all the shit that's been happening... Utusan, UMNO, numb nuts minister who thinks it's about being popular or not (via The Malaysian Insider)... as opposed to being morally right. Perhaps in some rare cases, over-exposure of the cranium to UV radiation does inflict damage...

In any case, Walski wanted to tell y'all about the latest opinion poll he's put up - which of the two Palins you think would actually make a better Vice President of the United States of America.

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The poll has already been up for a few days, but Walski was, quite frankly, a bit too tied up with other stuff to officially announce it.

Although this poll is kinda moot - only one of the two Palins is actually running for office - Walski has a strong suspicion that John McCain picked the wrong Palin to run.

Malaysians, in general, may not be familiar with the comedic genius of Monty Python, the emsemble which propelled Michael Palin to fame. Malaysians at large may also not be familiar with Sarah Palin.

Which, interestingly enough, until about six weeks ago, was also a person whom Americans at large were equally unfamiliar with. Sarah who?
(John Cleese talks about Palin, and more, in the full post)

Many still wonder why John McCain selected this lady to be his running mate. So far, side by side with Joe Biden, Barrack Obama's VP running mate, it's really a no brainer as to whom would be a better vice president.

But what about our Palin vs. Palin situation? Another Python alumnus, perhaps, would be best qualified to answer that question.

And so, at least from John Cleese's point of view, Michael is no longer the funniest Palin he knows.

What does surprise Walski, however, is how close the poll results have been (poll is in the side bar). At one point, the votes were split equally 50/50 down the middle.

So what say you? Which Palin do YOU think is better qualified?