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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Right-side Up

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After serious consultation with the myAsylum marketing supreme council (pictured below), whom have pondered the issue long, hard and unlubricated, it has been decided that the time has come to return the Jalur Gemilang to its rightful orientation.

Image hosting by PhotobucketmyAsylum's marketing supreme council

The events unfolding on August 26th 2008 have prompted the council to review the earlier decision to fly the national flag in distress mode. Apparently, Hope seems to have decided to loom over the horizon once more, visible even through the smog that envelopes the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The council, however, made another decision in parallel - that another flag should be hoisted in distress instead...
(denial leads to distress, and more, in the full post)

In the aftermath of Permatang Pauh, it's now becoming clear that it's BN that should be feeling a little distressed. No, make that crapping in their pants, with distress.

Those who came to bury the political career of Anwar Ibrahim, got themselves buried, knickers in a dreadful twist, instead.

Distressed they may be, but unfortunately for them, no amount of distress seems to be able to shake them out of their deep seated denial. At least going by what the minister with two Mohamad's in his name, and the cheeky Information Minister, have quipped.

Already, calls for the PM to step down have been heard from within his own party, UMNO. Granted it's from someone who wants to lead the party in Abdullah Badawi's stead... so there is some self-interest, no doubt.

And yet, the crystal clear message that Permatang Pauh repeated - the same one as March 8th this year - remains the ignored big fat hippo in the ballroom (thanks Brighteyes for reminding Walski). The people are sick of race-communitarian politics. And if that message still hasn't sunk in, then some people are in serious need of hearing aids.

"We still love UMNO," they say... Well, going by the fact that less people voted for the UMNO/BN candidate than there actually are UMNO members in the Permatang Pauh area (according to a certain Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, via Malaysiakini), that love seems to be exclusive to those who have special interest in the party.

And everyone and their pet politician is starting to talk about organizational reform. But reformation of a race-based political party, and coalition, into... what? And that, sports fans, is the million ringgit question.

Maybe upside down should be the right-side up way to fly that other flag...