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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oink-sta Gigantica...

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In Parliament, when Khairy Jamaluddin lambasted the Selangor state initiative to have state-of-the-art pig farms, calling it the "Projek Khinzir Raksaksa" (Giant Pig Project), it fueled the imagination of many. Needless to say, it was a not-so-subtle verbal swipe at PKR.

But it did fuel the imagination.

And for Panda Head Curry? it was the impetus for them to release their latest single. Strangely enough, the single is also called "(P)rojek (K)hinzir (R)aksaksa".

(P)rojek (K)hinzir (R)aksaksa
Click to play

The B-side of the single is called "Chipmunks on Crack" - a much shorter track, which - you guessed it - sounds exactly like chipmunks on crack.

Both tracks are from the brand-spanking pigiliciously new Panda Head Curry? album "Arsetronauts and Arseteroids" from Disarseter Records - but more about that later, kiddies.

So, how about Walski's vision, fueled by the phrase "Projek Khinzir Raksaksa"?
(fiery piggification, and more, in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketKJ helps conjure visions of a homegrown Khinzilla

Now, wouldn't that be cool? Our very own homegrown Malaysia-Boleh version of a fire-breathing giant beast... Khinzilla! Created via a genetic experiment on pigs gone wrong, when a humungous electromagnetic surge from the Bakun sub-sea fiber optics power line zaps the stratosphere above Malaysia, bouncing back down to Earth, only to hit an ultra-modern pig farm, somewhere in the state of Selangor, enveloping it in a surreal phosphorescent electro-static mist. The radiation from the surge causes an abnormality in the piggy growth gene... and the rest is gigantic firebreathing pig-legend.

Image copyright of Disarseter Records, hosting by PhotobucketMeanwhile, back in this time-space continuum, the single (P)rojek (K)hinzir (R)aksaksa is part of the bigger Panda Head Curry? labor of love, Arsetronauts and Arseteroids - their latest compilation of no-holds-barred, corrosive socio-political commentary put to music. If you were observant enough, you'd have noticed that the album title is hyperlinked - yup, just like their previous album, One Thousand Humpback Homos, the greatest album money can't buy, their latest album is also available for download - free!

The 11-track album can be downloaded by individual track, or as one big-ass 33 Mb zip file... download times vary according to how crappy your broadband is. Track listings for PHC?'s latest magnum 4D opus:

  1. It Was Me!
  2. (P)rojek (K)hinzir (R)aksaksa
  3. Chipmunks on Crack
  4. Are You Sleeping (SpiderPM)
  5. Kencinglah, Kencing
  6. No Mongolians
  7. Malay British Math Whiz Ho
  8. Mari Maryam 8a. Budak Kaya
  9. Yuri! Don't Drop the Space Soap!
  10. I Don't Do Jazz
  11. Devil Town

Walski will be doing a review (of sorts) real soon... so stay tuned! Oh, and by the way - PHC will be most likely be unleashing these new tunas at their upcoming gig at KL PAC on Sunday July 20, 2008. There is also a competition - but Walski will tell you about it in the review post, since PHC was too damn lazy to put up any information on their album web page...

In the meantime, watch out for those fire-breathing giant piggies... you never know around which corner, or shopping center roof, they might be lurking...