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Monday, May 26, 2008

Ward of the Spiritual Seekers

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Image taken from the College of Metaphysical Studies website, hosting by PhotobucketGosh darn it's been a busy few days. This past weekend included. So much so that Walski really didn't even have time to post this short notification.

In any case, you may have noticed a new category in myAsylum's blog roll (on the bottom-ish part of the sidebar), called Ward of the Spiritual Seekers. To expand the roll (and the other one's too), simply click on the [+/-] icon just before the title.

One of the side effects of being 40-some-ish is that you start to think a lot about being mortal (versus being immortal, and not versus being mutant), and about spirituality. If you're in the same ballpark (or older), you'll know what Walski means. If your not quite there yet, enjoy life before this phase of life comes a-nagging. This applies to everyone, Walski thinks, regardless of what faith (or even the total lack of) you start off with in life.

Walski thinks that God made him a cynic for a reason, and not questioning God's infinite wisdom, Walski continues to question anything that resembles dogma - statements of faith and rituals of practice that have no actual scriptural backing, other than because that's the way it's traditionally been, or on the mere say-so of a religious leader.

Hence, the new category - a collection of websites and blogs that are pretty much on the same journey to find spiritual answers.

Oh, another side-effect of being 40-some-ish... you tend to ramble. But that's another story.
(what the new ward is about, and more, in the full post)

As you've probably noticed, myAsylum's complete blog roll consists of "wards", in keeping with the "asylum" theme. Like wards in a hospital, so to speak. And since the roll tends to get longer and longer over time, Walski decided to hide the contents by default, not wanting to clutter the sidebar too much.

For a start, the Ward of the Spiritual Seekers contains a listing of blogs primarily revolving around Islam, but not through the dogmatic, traditional approach. Over time, Walski may add links of spiritual journeys along other "paths", if he finds them relevant. After all, Walski is one who believes that there are likely more than just one path to God. It just so happens that the one Walski has chosen is Islam.

Walski has chosen these sites because of a common purpose - to seek. And unless your beliefs are entrenched in stone, you're probably a seeker, too.

Whether you realize it or not...