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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Signature Gift...

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Watch this video. In its entirety...

This has to be one of the best promotional videos Walsk's seen in a very long time...
(more about AI, and how you can help, in the full post)

Most of us probably have at least heard of Amnesty International. Depending on your socio-political views, you will see them as either meddling troublemakers, or as an organization dedicated to ensuring citizens of planet Earth are not penalized for having a conscience. Walski happens to think the latter, but you probably already guessed that.

Malaysia, too, has its own chapter.

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Walski remembers from a long, long time ago, when Malaysia was younger, and the generation in charge then actually thought that the ISA was a necessary thing. Even back then, everyone recognized that it wasn't a good thing, but simply that it was necessary. What Walski remembers is his father lamenting what a bunch of meddlesome people these AI folks were... if memory serves him correctly, he must've been about 10 years old or so. And that is his earliest recollection of Amnesty International.

The only reason Walski's blogging this is because the promotional video moved him so much... it's really a powerful message... and Walski has to thank Amir Zainorin for sharing it with him. In case you don't know, Amir is a Malaysian artist currently residing in Denmark, whom Walski first got to know during the Danish Cartoons controversy. So, thanks a bunch, Amir!

In any case, there are three ways you can help out Amnesty International (the links are for the Malaysian chapter):

Fighting against the wrongs done by those in power may seem like an endless, thankless and impossbile task, but it's something worth doing, Walski thinks.

And as the video tells us, even a mere signature can do a lot...

Walski's inappropriate skinny thoughts footnote: Somehow, writing about Amnesty on a blog that uses Hello Kitty as a template seems so, so odd... Unfortunately, some of you have stated that you actually like this new format - in which case, it may have to stay longer than Walski originally intended.