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Monday, April 21, 2008


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Image taken from Wikipedia Commons, hosting by PhotobucketDisintegration, to many fans of The Cure (Walski included), is perhaps the best studio album from these princes of goth. True to the title, the group has gone through many phases of disintegration and rebirth, as evidenced by the ever-changing line up.

But this post is not about The Cure.

Funny enough, disintegration is also what seems to be happening to BN/UMNO - of course, depending on where you source your news from. Basing on what the MSM reports, though, it appears to be a phase of consolidation and rebuilding.

But Walski's heard otherwise. Mind you, this is hearsay, more than anything else, but Walski thought that he should share some of what he's heard lately.

It seems that the political secretary of one of the ministries will be tendering his resignation soon. The reason? Because, according to what Walski heard, the "opposition" is simply way too strong, and he thought that he should get out before the shit really hits the fan. And we're not even talking pig shit here - it's the debris that will remain once BN/UMNO totally disintegrates. This, apparently will happen in as quickly as 3 months.

Coincidentally, a day after Walski heard this, RPK came out with this essay: "Can Abdullah be brought down in 100 days?" 100 days, incidentally, is roughly just over 3 months.

As terribly un-connected as Walski is politically, when you get information from various sources telling you more or less the same thing, somewhere between the lines, between the devil and the deep blue sea, and between the tangled vines... there must be some semblance of truthiness being communicated here... all pointing towards Disintegration.
(rotting away at the seams, in the full post)

In the wake of the March 8 political tsunami that hit BN like a ton of reinforced bricks, we've heard a lot of talk from various people in BN. Talk, but perhaps not enough soul searching.

We've heard things like sabotage being mentioned. We've also heard laments that the younger Malaysians aren't patriotic enough for some people's liking - translating to them not supporting BN (which is probably a more accurate reflection). Then, in respose to the Black 14 rally, the Home Mnistry saying that it'll let the police carry out investigations without any interference - as if we're so stupid as to not know which ministry the police reports to, and hence, who's really calling the shots.

Yeah, there's been lots of finger-pointing... but not enough introspection.

We've also seen one daily not getting it's permit to print renewed, for some unspecified terrible thing they supposedly did - speculation is that the daily, Makkal Osai, gave a wee bit too much coverage to the opposition. But we'll never know for sure... for now, add it to the mounting official secrets that lurk in the dark recesses of our government.

Image taken from Malaysiakini, hosting by PhotobucketThen you have UMNO-supporting groups coming out with all kinds of Ketuanan Melayu promotional actions... like it's going out of style. Well, actually, that's the one thing that contributed to the growing dissatisfaction with BN in general, and UMNO in particular. In the bigger scheme of things, Ketuanan Melayu is not going to help one iota when dealing with the ever-growing waves of globalization that these narrow-focused folks are trying so hard to ignore.

Instead, what we need now is Ketuanan Rakyat - reinforcement that all Malaysians are equally important. Only together as a nation can we hope to withstand the real tsunami that is fast approaching - one of a flat world, where the protective walls of self-imposed economic protectivism will have to be dismantled, if Malaysia really wants to be a world player.

But there are signs that the BN-led Government is starting to see the writing on the wall - grafitti of an angst-filled nation that's adorned the walls of our collective lives for a long time. Walski doesn't know when the Government started to take notice, but it seems that the realization of what needs to be done has suddenly hit home. Could it be, however, too little, too late?

Take the moves to restructure and strengthen the judiciary - this should have been done years ago. Or making the ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency) a totally independent body, as announced in Malaysiakini earlier today - again, something that should have happened a long time ago.

But the real cracks are not occurring merely on the exterior of the BN/UMNO behemoth, but also from within. Again, what Walski heard may be just hearsay, but he's gonna share it with you all the same.

There's a lot of dissatisfaction within BN/UMNO - those elected are hesitant to taking up the ministerial or deputy ministerial posts offered, while those who lost in the recent GE 12 clamor for posts - even special advisorial post, with ministerial status, will do. Then, you have the WTF appointment of Mat Tyson - a politcal has-been, excavated from the ancient ruins of a failed political career. And of course, more resignations to come, as Walski had mentioned earlier.

Speaking of whom, Rocky's latest post reports on a blog-war between this has-been, once upon a time Selangor Chief Minister, with the most recent ex-CM, Mohd Khir Toyo. Hang on a second... Mat Tyson has a blog? Strange as that prospect may seem... yes, he now does have one of his own. Can't quite remember what Mat Tyson said about bloggers, but Walski recalls it wasn't good. And now...

In any case, Mat Tyson takes a swipe at Khir Toyo (with some ear-biting thrown in for good measure - hat tip to Rocky), over the latter's insistance that Pak Lah gets going faster with the power transition thing. More signs that the cracks from within are indeed widening...

Disintegration, the album, saw the final exit of Lol Tolhurst from The Cure - founding member, who was finally shown the door because of his increasingly alcohol-related dysfunctional behavior. From there, however, The Cure managed to reshape (several times) and survive till this day - word has it that their 13th studio album should be coming out sometime this year.

So, who's gonna get the boot when (not if) our own political disintegration of BN/UMNO happens? Your speculation is as good as Walski's - but let's hope that what results, in it's wake, is a new political environment for the good of all Malaysians.

And like the phoenix that rises out of the ashes, perhaps a new phase of Ketuanan Rakyat - supremacy of the people - will emerge, to take this nation to the next level of greatness.